41-year-old Laura Moore from Newcastle is a 16stone pole dancer. Having previously battled self-confidence issues, she became more confident after taking up pole dancing. She regularly posts photos of her sessions online and of course the trolls go after her.

They don't diminish her confidence though as she is happy with her pole dancing. The 35-year-old sales assistant said: 'Every time I upload a new picture to Facebook or Instagram of me doing a new pole move in class I'll have some form of abuse online. 'I've been told to "go kill myself" and that "no one will ever fancy me". The things that people say are disgusting, but I won't let it get to me. I'm happy and confident in my skin and their nasty comments will never stop me from doing what I love.'

Laura joined a pole-dancing class 18 months ago after a friend encouraged her to give it a try.