The popular gospel star has spoken out for the first time about the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a neighbour in his home village.
KaMajola walked away the biggest winner at last Sunday's SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards, taking the gospel star of the year prize, but behind his joyous celebrations KaMajola, 35, hid the sad reality of therapy sessions with psychologists to deal with the horrors he went through.
KaMajola told Sowetan that when he was 10 he was turned into the sex slave of a 30-year-old man at Ndwedwe village in KwaZulu-Natal, where he grew up without parents. They had abandoned him and he lived in the care of his grandmother.
The rapes went on until he was 15 and KaMajola said the suffering almost cost him his life as he had never told anybody about it.
"I was so naive at that time, I could not talk to anyone about it. It felt like a bad dream," he said.
He would sometimes skip school and spend nights in the sugar cane field hiding from his abuser, and even his grandmother never knew this.
The abuse ended when the man was driven out of the village when he refused to do home chores as expected of all villagers.
He said he never reported the matter to the police because he thought they would not believe him.
The experience has left him with scars that have haunted him for years, resulting in anger that spilt over into his marriage. He said there were constant squabbles and fights at home, until he sought help.
But with the help of therapy he has managed to save his marriage. He is the father of two girls.
He hailed his wife, Ntokozo Majola, for identifying the anger because if she didn't their marriage could have been over by now.
"I ended up telling her the whole story. We sat down and came up with the idea of therapy, which made a huge difference in our lives," KaMajola said.
He said when he met his molester a few years back in a pharmacy in Durban, he almost hit his car.
"I was very furious because that man almost cost me my life. He saluted me as if nothing happened.
"At the same time, something came over me telling me to let it go. After three months I received news that he was dead, then I forgave him to free his spirit."
He is now encouraging other men who have experienced similar abuse to speak out and save their marriages.
KaMajola has 15 years' experience in the music industry and has won 15 awards, including eight Crown Gospel Awards.
He was born at Emakhabeleni village in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, before moving to Ndwedwe village, which is notorious for its high murder rate.
He is now based in Durban and is the founder of the All Nations Cathedral International Church.