A Woman Forced To Have S-E-X With Her DEAD Husband Before Burial. A woman was forced to have s*x with her late husband in his coffin. The woman from Gokwe in Zimbabwe, carried out her estranged husband’s demands by having s*x with is body before burial.
The woman, identified as Sarah Simirayi of Svisvi, left her husband about two years ago for another man who worked as a truck driver.
She recently moved back to her hometown after her boyfriend left her for a new lover. Sadly, her estranged husband, who was 68 years old, died a few weeks after she returned.
The late husband, Nunurayi Musamo, left a note and asked it be read at his funeral. The letter contained a message to his former wife, saying that he died from a broken heart by missing her, and asked that she make love to him before he is buried.
At first, Sarah tried to resist, but after lots of pressure from his family and friends she later accepted the difficult task.
A close relative said that after they opened the coffin, Sarah took off her underwear before going on top of his body and had s*x.
Relatives claimed that the dead man was able to perform, calling it “angel l#st.”