A Spanish senior tried to smuggle drugs to her jailed son - by stashing them inside a Kinder Surprise's plastic casing, which she then hid in her vagina. The 73-year-old retiree, who has not been named, was busted as she passed through security at Fontcalent prison in Alicante.

She was standing in line waiting to be frisked when she became anxious and decided to remove the package, reports ABC.

It was handed over to guards and found to contain small doses of cocaine and heroin, some tranquilizer pills and 20 Euros (around $21) in cash. She’d swapped out the traditional toy for the illicit items, which had a net worth of roughly $88.

The mother had reportedly previously wrapped the plastic Kinder Egg casing in a condom before inserting it into her body.

Details of the incident, which occurred in July 2013, were only recently made public. The woman pleaded guilty on November 5 to endangering public health.

She was handed a suspended 21-month jail sentence and fined 41 Euros ($44). It’s not been revealed exactly why her son was incarcerated, nor what happened to the sweet treat’s chocolate topping