1. I'm sure South Africa could get a better president for #For4Billion?
  2. Zuma's R4 billion jet could fund one full year of tuition for 97 561 university students #For4Billion
  3. #For4Billion i would un-burn dj sbu's mofaya shirt he was wearing on #FLT
  4. #For4Billion I would send Zuma to an old age home for good 
  5. #For4Billion rand you could pay for 200 students to complete a BCom at a top South African university... or you could buy a cool plane. 
  6. #For4Billion I'd buy Lesotho to be the 10th province of SA..#For4Billion 
  7. I will pay another 10 million for (CONCACAF) football development fund #For4billion 
  8. #For4Billion I would stock up on AID because our country is turning into a desert due to this #drought
  9. #For4Billion I would take students who can't afford to get educated to school and upgrade some of rural schools libraries and labs. 
  10. #For4Billion I would open a record label and sign @Nasty_CSA and then we tour the world and show that the kid's got talent 
  11. #For4Billion I would revitalise agriculture in this land. We are importing a lot of things we shouldn't be... 
  12. #For4Billion I would build proper infrastructure for water and electricity distribution #smartgrid Also fix leaking pipes!! 
  13. #For4Billion I would provide the people with new adequate toilets in the rural areas,not the mobile toilets that are currently being given. 
  14. #For4Billion we can bribe the judge to give #OscarPistorius a life sentence he deserve 
  15. #For4Billion I would create true and lasting change by creating opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises 
  16. #For4Billion I would provide loans to students and businesses to save our economy 
  17. #For4Billion I would invest in Solar and Wind energy projects to stimulate the economy by selling electricity to other African countries 
  18. #For4Billion I would SAVE the universities from complete bankruptcy #FeesMustFall
  19. #For4Billion I'd run a country riddled with poverty that can probably put the money to better use 
  20. #For4Billion i will erect swimming pools in hottest towns of limpopo 
  21. #For4Billion I'd buy an Oros factory 
  22. #For4Billion I'd start an educational fund to help needy varsity students. 
  23. #For4Billion would make a private school whereby ethnic languages are included on your home languages & actually get taught 
  24. #For4Billion could pay for the full 1st year tuition for 86,956 students 
  25. #For4Billion I'd buy the new Mall Of Africa in Midrand and get R800m change since it cost R3,2b 
  26. #For4Billion i would buy Nkandla and turn it into an Orphanage 
  27. #For4Billion Free education in SA could be a thing #FeesMustFall
  28. #For4Billion I'd be able to afford an unpaid internship. 
  29. #For4Billion I would subsidize farmers and create irrigation schemes in order to survive the drought!! #For1Trillion
  30. #For4Billion I would train people with scarce skills for free so they can actually make a difference in their communities!!! 
  31. #For4Billion rand you could take 8 million people to lunch at Nando's, and still have enough change to fund a few flights... 
  32. #For4Billion I would increase funding to primary and secondary schools so that teachers can keep their jobs unlike what is happening now 
  33. #For4Billion I would literally establish a new town including infrastructure 
  34. R4 billion could build 275 new schools #For4Billion
  35. Zuma's R4 billion jet money could hire 20 495 additional nurses for 1 year #For4Billion
  36. Or we could use it to hire 22 222 new police officers for 1 year #For4Billion
  37. R4 billion to spend? How about building 33 333 new RDP houses instead? #For4Billion
  38. #For4Billion Edu-loans would be a thing of the past for many people.... people like me who are 3 years out of school yet still paying!! 
  39. #For4Billion we could eradicate all the mud schools and build libraries fir them 
  40. #For4Billion I could buy Blade Nzimande face wash that actually works " 
  41. #For4Billion I'd buy the ANC and put a real life clown in charge. Oh wait... 
  42. #For4Billion we could scrap the E-tolls 
  43. #For4Billion one can make a personalised number plate for Zuma's private jet 
  44. #For4Billion Ill take Malema back to the ANC 
  45. #For4Billion i could buy the lies ANC tries to feed me 
  46. #For4Billion I would make sure that no @Orlando_Pirates fan eat @ChickenLickenSA , we cant stand d "inner-salt" 
  47. #For4Billion somizi would become a real man"
  48. #For4Billion I'd give my parents a nice permanent vacation
  49. #For4Billion I would make Sangweni to retake that penatly....
  50. #For4Billion I would buy Bafana Bafana the Wolrd Cup Trophy, without them participating.