On Monday, Nov. 16, Catalan regional police launched a large-scale raid against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women in Barcelona, Spain. 21 people, 15 men and 6 women, tall Nigerians, were arrested in the early morning operation for forcing Nigerian women into prostitution. Above is one of the arrested Nigerians

The Central Unit against Human Trafficking disclosed that the suspects are part of a criminal organisation, known as "Supreme Eiye Confraternity", that has forced more than one hundred women into prostitution since the beginning of 2014.

Investigators believe the group may have exploited dozens of women, many of whom were charged large sum of money to be brought to Spain from Africa with the promise of a job and a better life.The women, instead were forced into prostitution to repay their debts to the human trafficking ring.

The group was born in university circles in Nigeria in the 90s, and gradually became a feared criminal organisation, El PaĆ­s newspaper reports. "We have taken action against the local branch of this organisation, but also against some international members here." a police spokesman added.

Officers are also searching 20 properties in Barcelona, Terrassa, Sabadell and several other Catalan towns and cities. According to El Pais, this is not the first time that the Catalan police have acted against the Supreme Eiye Confraternity. In November 2011, several members were arrested on similar charges.