Charlie Edge shared pics of her & friend standing outside the UK House of Parliament on Saturday, holding placards in protest of the "luxury" tax on tampons, on her Facebook page. According to The Independent, she timed the action to coincide with her period and went without sanitary towels and tampons, instead letting her menstrual blood seep into the fabric of her white trousers. Ewww!

Edge wrote:
Today i am forgoing tampons and pads outside the houses of parliament to show how 'luxury' tampons really are. We are also raising money to buy tampons for homeless shelters, womens shelters and the refugee crisis.
We're getting lots of dirty looks and someone just shouted at us to get a job.
But everyone keeps saying "haha omg how quickly would we get free tampons if everyone stopped wearing them?!"
So, I'm giving it a go.
Taxes are necessary, i get it.
So are tampons/ pads.
They're not luxury items, anymore than jaffa cakes, edible cake decorations, exotic meats or any other number of things currently not taxed as luxury items.
Maternity pads are taxed, but incontinence pads arent.
We've had enough. Maybe bleeding on their doorstep will get the tories to do something about this?
please share and spread this around.
I wanna get on buzzfeed.
byeeeeee xxx