EVER FLIRTED online? Cheated? Bought “toys”? Taken photos? Or wondered which city has the most sex? All the answers and more were released last week.

July’s editions of both Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines have the most interesting facts about Mzansi people’s sex secrets. And the YoungAfricaLive mobile platform also released its Youth Sex survey with an interesting look into our sex behaviour.

Based on 50 questions answered by over 138 954 people, the research shows that about 44% of South Africa’s youth are sexually active and have strong views on the role of HIV/Aids in sexual partners. A massive 81% think that not telling a sexual partner that you carry the virus is outright murder.

The Men’s Health and Women’s Health research brings red-hot sex issues to Mzansi.

Some facts are:

Most men and women want to have sex two or three times a week. [br] Over 20% of men and women want sex daily.[br]One in three women have dated sugar daddies.

Women want sex more often than men think they do.

Women are turned on by a tight butt and good-looking arms.[br]Women are more adventurous in bed than men.

“We thought women were turned on by a good face and abs but we found most women like a tight butt and good arms,” said Men’s Health editor Jason Brown.Surprisingly, Women’s Health editor Kate Wilson said Bloemfontein turned out to be the sexiest city in SA.

“It may have a conservative image but it came top in two key areas namely – Bloem women were most likely to masturbate every day and nearly 50% of women confessed they would like to have sex daily,” she said.

Joburg only came top as the most experienced city because of its highest percentage of women who admitted to having had over 25 sexual partners or had more than two sexual partners at the same time.

When it came to coastal cities, Cape Town had the biggest online flirters, East London women have the most sexual stamina – they want sex to last more than 45 minutes – and Durban women admitting they would rather give oral sex than get it.[br]“

Upington is the best place to meet sexually available men and women, so small cities are coming through as well,” said Brown. He said the sex facts will also help readers with advice to make sex great!

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