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The Edge Search: Blogging Income Reports For July 2016 ($2,846.44 / R41,059.61)

Hello The Edge Search readers!, I have decided to produce monthly income of my blog to help those don't how to make income from different source. 
While July had high income compare to all other previous months, I am looking forward to see who will August perform to beat this great month.  One thing you’ll learn while working with brands is that invoices rarely get paid as quickly as you’d like.  So how did August go?  wait until mid September will give you full details !

Writing these income reports is my way of doing accounting.  I have a nifty Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything.  As you grow, you’ll want to consider tracking things yourself as well.
July 2016


Note that I’ve converted all numbers into USD / Rand (14.42)just to make it easy.


Affiliate ==>$1046.50 (R15, 095.66)

  1. Propellerads = $40 (R577.00)
  2. = $450 (R6, 491.20)
  3. Mythemeshop WordPress Free Themes = $50 (R721.25)
  4. Theme-junkie WordPress Free Themes = $62 (R894.34)
  5. Themify WordPress Free Themes  = $45 (R649.12)
  6. BlueHost hosting = $170 (R2,452.23)
  7. Siteground hosting = $150 (R2,163.73)
  8. a2hosting hosting = $80 (R1, 153.99)
  9. Dreamhost hosting  = $70 (R1009.74)
  10. Long tail pro = $84 (R1,211.69)
  11. PopAds (Recommended if your traffic is too low - Join here) = $45.50 (R656.33)

Advertising ==> $1760.77

  1. Propellerads = $476.85 (R6,878.51)
  2. Google AdSense = $338.24 (R4,879.08)
  3. = $150 (R2,163.73)
  4. MGID = $229.00 (R3, 303.30)
  5. = $566.68 (R8, 174.30)
Sponsor : = $39.17 (R565.02)

Total income ==> $2,846.44 (R41,059.61)


  • Hosting – $124.78 (R1,799.94)
  • Tools (pushcrew) – $25 (R360.62)
Total expenses: $149.78 (R2,160.56)
Total profit: $2,696.66(R38,899.05)

TRAFFIC Traffic Overview

 I saw throughout the year so far was wiped out in a single month.  We have witness high growth of The Edge Search blog in recent months, just look at below graph. Its not easy for a new blog like ours which is less than a year to achieve such number in visitors and page views more than half a millions

  • Sessions: 393,499
  • User:  226,195
  • Pageviews:  701,302

This is our first income report, I will try to improve and give more details a time goes on. 

Khabza Mkhize

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