Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction in men is becoming a growing concern in today’s world. There are several reasons behind it but the reality is that this issue is accelerating fast mainly because of certain medical conditions as well as psychological issues. 

Therefore, men have to be equipped to deal with this condition, should they develop one in the future. 

The need for its awareness is much more today as many men younger than 40 are developing this dysfunction. This is opposed to the belief and evidence, established in the past, that men over 40 develop ED. 

Hence, with prior literature indicating men over 40 are at risk of developing this condition, and current literature proving younger ones are equally as susceptible to it, we come to only one conclusion, that literally any man can develop ED, regardless of the age. 

This further highlights the need of having wide range of treatments for ED. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the known natural ways through which you can prevent and treat ED. 

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Get to walking & jogging

To say that exercise of any form is good for your health would be an understatement. It is not just good, it is THE BEST. 

Be it a walk of just 30 minutes, a long jogging session, or a few minutes of testosterone boosting workout, if you stick to it regularly and ritually, then you are well prepared to dodge or overcome ED. 

Eat good

By good, we do not mean pizza or your favorite junk food but a healthy diet routine. Have lots of fruits, greens, whole grains, fish, and more nutrient-filled food. But, make sure to eat only a limited amount of red meat and milled grains. 

This diet routine is not only beneficial for overcoming ED, but it also boosts our overall health and strengthens our immune system. 

Go for Psychotherapy

The psychological aspects of ED rarely get any attention but this does not negate the importance of psychological factors that cause ED. 

While ED is mainly linked with physical causes like blood circulation, there are many factors like stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, low self-esteem, and more, that play a huge role in ED development. Another factor may be the cause of early ED in young men i.e. porn-induced erectile dysfunction, which is quite common yet an undermined aspect.  However, your psychotherapist might be able to help you to address this issue.

Therefore, apart from medical treatment, getting psychotherapy also helps in ensuring good results that prove to be long-lasting. 

Shed that extra weight

We are not talking about a few kgs of weight that are more than your dreamed figure, but weight of an obese man. 

Obesity is linked with a myriad of medical conditions in which heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, and atherosclerosis are some of the common ones. 

And like a vicious cycle, all these medical conditions are known for causing ED in men. 

Therefore, a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle combined with a conscious effort of losing extra fat will decrease your chances of developing ED or assist you in overcoming it if you have already developed.