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Property Developer In Phuket Sells All Units in Record 3 Hour Time

Property Developer
In the ever vibrant and alluring real estate market of Phuket (Thailand), Sansiri (a renowned developer) sold all the condominium units of its dCondo project in less than 3 hours. The happening reveals the potential of the Phuket real estate market for the investors and the promises it holds towards best returns.

Phuket has developed into a major tourist destination in the last 3 or 4 decades. The region is attracting billions of dollars in investment and has good revenues from tourism. Even when the prices of real state in the rest of Thailand were decreasing, Phuket property continued to allure a number of foreign investors. Most of the money invested into Phuket property market is coming in the form of cash from the foreign investors as well as the developers, and hence Thai bank credit is minimum, which enhances the stability of the market.

Phuket Real Estate Developer Sells Entire Projects In Record Time

It is no wonder that in the highly volatile and booming real estate sales environment of Phuket, Sansiri (a reputed property developer in Thailand) has sold all its 556 units of the dCondo project in Phuket in 3 hours, which is a record time. The sale process started at 7 a.m. when the buyers also started to queue up. By around 10:00 a.m., all the properties were sold successfully. Such heavy property sale days and events have rarely occurred in the history of world real estate, and some of the examples with similar achievements are Spain and Dubai.

The Buyers

The dCondo development project of Sansiri was for the domestic market of Thailand. The renowned builder is in operation for the past 33 years in Thailand, and also has won a good number of awards in the course of time. More than 70% of these units were purchased by individuals who wanted to settle in Phuket and make the place their home. 30% of the units went to the local investors. The investments were made in lieu of the vibrant and booming Phuket real estate market and for the high returns, the property can bring to the investors in the very near future.

Why This Phenomenal Speed of Sales

The wonderful and alluring property in Thailand for sale is alluring to all. For this apartment and condominiums, the price was also an attractive factor. The condominium units were price between US 45,347 (1.4 million Baht) and US 29,152 (900,000 Baht). These prices are marginal when compared to the prices of condominiums and other properties situated on the Western coast of Phuket. The project is located on the island Kathu, in the very middle of it. It comprises of three buildings each of which carries 3 stories. Some facilities here include a garden, gymnasium, and swimming pool. The residents will also get CCTV aided 24-hour security system and a shuttle service that operates regularly to carry the residents to the Phuket town. It is not very hard to find out why the prices were very low. The largest of condominium units of the project measured 30 m2 only. The design and construction were also very basic when we compare it to western standards. The condominiums contain a bedroom/living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

The confidence of the builder is high and Sansiri is also planning to work on other projects now. These include Habitown (which is a residential complex comprising of two storied townhouses) and Habitia (collection of semi-detached homes).

Property in Phuket is one of the best investments that investors around the world can make. Phuket is a tropical paradise in the form of an island and known for its enchanting beauty and scenic landscapes/beaches. Phuket and the country Thailand have practically innumerable sandy beaches, azure blue waters, and very friendly and welcoming people of Thailand that make Phuket one of the best holiday destinations of the world. When you are looking for a second home, a vacation recreation house, or a property that can bring to you astounding returns in the very near future, Phuket should be on your list

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