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kykNET & Kie : Suidooster Teasers June - July 2018 (#Suidooster)

 Suidooster Teasers June 2018 – Upcoming Telemundo drama series ‘ Suidooster’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2018.

Coming up on Suidooster  this May 2018:

Monday 28 May 2018
Episode 504 (41)

Carmen makes a big decision about her relationship with Rhafiek. Ian and Tim woo Eben for his property development, while Zoe’s first day at Suidooster Eiendomme is less than ideal.
Tuesday 29 May 2018
Episode 505 (42)

Carmen struggles to keep her and Rhafiek’s secret, while Stefan is desperate to make the restaurant his entirely. Ian disappoints Tim and Eben puts Bianca in a difficult situation once again.
Wednesday 30 May 2018
Episode 506 (43)

Tyron and Wade are struggling to tidy Fasie’s house in time. Bianca tells AB and Mymoena that Eben will be attending Stella’s concert and AB is not happy about this. Carmen is desperate to get her engagement ring...
Thursday 31 May 2018
Episode 507 (44)

Zoe takes initiative again with Ian, after Lee-Ann had to cover for one of her mistakes. The brothers receive bad news and the Fouries arrive...
Suidooster airs on kykNET and kykNET & Kie Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

Coming up on Suidooster this June 2018:

Friday 1 June 2018
Episode 508

Gawie and Estelle finally find out about Carmen’s engagement. Bridgette makes Fasie an offer, while Tyron and Wade must make living arrangements.
Monday 4 June 2018
Episode 509

Danielle realises she is once again in competition with Zoe. Stefan has a few choice words for Oom Fasie, and Rhafiek does his level best to diffuse the situation with the Fouries.
Tuesday 5 June 2018
Episode 510

Carmen has a serious fallout with her parents and Danielle struggles to prove herself in her new role. Stefan is afraid Bridgette will change everything at Oos Wes.
Wednesday 6 June 2018
Episode 511

Eben gets on the wrong side of Estelle, while Bridgette wants to leave her mark on Oos Wes. Tyron believes he has the solution to their accommodation problem, and Carmen is fed up with her family.
Thursday 7 June 2018
Episode 512

Danielle reaches out to Eben but things go awry. Stefan confronts Bridgette, and Rhafiek reaches the breaking point with the Fouries.
Friday 8 June 2018
Episode 513

Tyron dreams up a new money-making plan, while Estelle’s relationship with her daughters worsens even more. Zoe feels inferior because of Danielle’s great ideas and she crosses a line.
Monday 11 June 2018
Episode 514

Rhafiek tries to reach out to the Fouries again. Tyron is determined to remain in uncle Fasie’s house, while Bianca tries to reconcile with Carmen.
Tuesday 12 June 2018
Episode 515

AB decides on a daring plan to reunite the rest of the Fouries. The Daniels brothers bamboozle an unsuspecting Lee­Ann and something catches Eben completely off guard.
Wednesday 13 June 2018
Episode 516

Stefan and Bridgette butt heads, while the feud between Zoe and Danielle continues, with an unexpected twist. Gawie and Estelle leave Ruiterbosch, but first need to make peace with everyone involved.
Thursday 14 June 2018
Episode 517

Zoe believes something is brewing between Danni and Eben, while Carmen tries to fit into Mymoena’s world. Lee­Ann has bad news for the Daniels brothers.
Friday 15 June 2018
Episode 518

Danielle is overly cautious with Eben after a conversation with Michelle. Stefan tries to hide a crisis at Oos Wes from Bridgette, and Ian pressures Lee-Ann to sell Fasie’s house.
Monday 18 June 2018
Episode 519

Ian is livid when he finds out the Swanepoel project will go way over budget. Stefan thanks Bridgette for her help and gets an unexpected reaction, while Lee­Ann acts decisively with the Daniels brothers.
Tuesday 19 June 2018
Episode 520

Tyron and Wade realise their time in Fasie’s house is running out. A stranger catches Bianca’s attention and Ian uses Danielle when he invites Eben over for dinner.
Wednesday 20 June 2018
Episode 521

Danni confesses to Tim about where she was the previous night. Mrs J is shocked and disappointed when she discovers what Lee-Ann has done, while Stefan realises that Bridgette is about to appoint a new chef at Oos Wes.
Thursday 21 June 2018
Episode 522

Zoe makes a big decision regarding her job at Suidooster Eiendomme, while Tyron and Wade desperately make plans for a temporary place to stay. Eben convinces Danielle to join him for dinner in an exclusive restaurant.
Friday 22 June 2018
Episode 523

Rhafiek hears about Carmen’s wild wedding plans and there seems to be more lurking behind Nathan’s charming smile. Meanwhile, the Daniels brothers are homeless...
Monday 25 June 2018
Episode 524

Things progressively worsen at Oos Wes and Bridgette steps in again. Tim confronts Danielle after Zoe strategically dropped information about her and Eben.
Tuesday 26 June 2018
Episode 525

Bridgette wreaks havoc again in the running of the kitchen at Oos Wes. Danielle puts Tim and Zoe firmly in their place, while Mymoena has a hard time swallowing Carmen’s latest decision about the wedding.
Wednesday 27 June 2018
Episode 526

Carmen and Rhafiek make a decision about the wedding, and then he gets an unexpected surprise from the past. Ian tries to make amends with Zoe, while Eben attempts to spend some time with Bianca.
Thursday 28 June 2018
Episode 527

Rhafiek is honest with Carmen about his unexpected guest but will that be enough? Danielle is in two minds about the charity function and Nathan is nearly caught out.

Friday 29 June 2018
Episode 528

Danielle is in trouble with Ian. Carmen has trouble handling the person from Rhafiek’s past, while Nathan causes conflict between Stefan and Bridgette.

Suidooster airs on kykNET and kykNET & Kie Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

Coming up on Suidooster this July 2018:

Monday 2 July 2018
Episode 529

Carmen questions Nicci’s visits to Rhafiek, while Oos Wes must manage without Stefan. Danni wonders about Eben’s motives. 

Tuesday 3 July 2018
Episode 530

Danni confronts Eben after he threw her under the bus with Ian. Nathan is struggling at Oos Wes, while Nicci tries to reach out to Ian... 

Wednesday 4 July 2018     
Episode 531

A storm erupts over Danni and Eben, and Tim is quite confrontational. Nicci tries to mend burnt bridges and Nathan has something up his sleeve. 

Thursday 5 July 2018
Episode 532

Nicci wants to avoid conflict with Carmen, while Bridgette tries to get through to her daughter. Danni confronts Eben.

Friday 6 July 2018
Episode 533

Danni gets it from all sides when she decides to take matters further. Carmen’s suspicions about Nicci are confirmed, and Tyron is ready for the impending fight. 

Monday 9 July 2018
Episode 534

Danni makes a desperate move in her battle against Eben and Ian. Carmen grows more and more suspicious about Nicci’s motives, and Stefan reaches a crossroads. 

Tuesday 10 July 2018
Episode 535

Tim is furious after learning about Eben’s threat, while Nicci agonises over her feelings for Rhafiek. Bridgette is excited about her new vision for Oos Wes.

Wednesday 11 July 2018
Episode 536

Tyron fans the flames between him and Lee-Ann. Rhafiek agonizes over Nicci’s revelation, while Zoe tries to reconcile with a broken Danni.  

Thursday 12 July 2018
Episode 537

Zoe has plans for Danni’s old job, but must first get past Lee-Ann. Rhafiek gives Nicci an answer to her question, and Bianca suspects something is up with Nathan.  

Friday 13 July 2018
Episode 538

Eben is at it again with the Samsodiens. Nicci wants to set the record straight with Carmen, while Zoe wants to take on Eben..

Monday 16 July 2018
Episode 539

Bianca discovers something that makes her even more suspicious of Nathan. Ian makes a decision regarding Tim’s involvement in the Swanepoel project, and just as Danni loses courage, new hope appears on the horizon. 

Tuesday 17 July 2018
Episode 540

Danni hatches a new plan against Eben. Bianca tries to convince Bridgette of Nathan’s sinister motives, while Rhafiek make a big decision about his relationship with Carmen.

Wednesday 18 July 2018
Episode 541

Carmen and Rhafiek are adamant to get married as soon as possible, while Tyron tries once more to get a deposit together for the house. Danni has her hopes up when she meets Valerie...

Thursday 19 July 2018
Episode 542

Eben wants to buy Bianca an apartment, while Mymoena and Estelle are at loggerheads over the wedding arrangements. Danni sets a trap for Eben. 

Friday 20 July 2018
Episode 543

The wedding arrangements are spiralling out of control. Danni lets go of her plans for Eben but gets a surprise. 

Monday 23 July 2018
Episode 544

Carmen and Rhafiek must step in before their wedding arrangements go off track. Bianca hears shocking news about Eben, while Bridgette struggles to keep on top of things at Oos Wes.

Tuesday 24 July 2018
Episode 545

Ian does everything in his power to put some distance between himself and Eben. Carmen’s patience is wearing thin.  

Wednesday 25 July 2018
Episode 546

Mymoena and Estelle are at each other’s throats about wedding arrangements, while Eben begs for Bianca’s forgiveness. Rhafiek is in a state about Carmen...

Thursday 26 July 2018
Episode 547

Bridgette is once more snowed under at Oos Wes, and everyone wonders what happened to Carmen.

Friday 27 July 2018
Episode 548

With Carmen gone missing it is chaos in Ruiterbosch and tensions are running high. The Samsodiens and Fouries are in turmoil about the wedding.

Monday 30 July 2018
Episode 549

Tim gives Stefan hope after he’d put his foot in his mouth with Michelle. Zoe has shocking news for Wade... 

Tuesday 31 July 2018
Episode 550

Bridgette puts her foot down in Oos Wes, while Tyron has a plan to win Lee-Ann over. Wade is still processessing Zoe’s shocking news and Stefan takes a chance on Michelle.