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5 Reasons Why Skinny Girls Are Better In Bed Than Fat Ones

1. Afraid to eat.
Just think of all the money you’ll save on food. Of course, you’ll still have to pay for some of their meals because they try to hide the fact that they don’t eat, but overall you’re saving money. Instead of paying for two steaks, you’ll just have to pay for one and a garden salad. You’ll also be going out for meals far less often than if dating fat chicks who like to eat out as often as they can.

2. More likely to be conceited.
You might see this as a bad thing, but would you seriously want a girl with extreme low self esteem instead? Trust me, it gets annoying when a chick constantly asks if their fat ass looks fat.
3. Better in bed.
They won’t do anything special, in fact for the most part they’ll be laying there like a blow up doll. But that doesn’t matter because they’re so damn sexy. I’m going to have a much easier time getting off to someone I find hot than some ugly fat ass woman who can give a blow job better than most porn stars. Even closing my eyes can’t help them because I still feel the massive weight next to me and know that I’m basically letting a walrus suck my cock.
4. Less durable.
A fat chick can take almost any abuse. A skinny girl can’t. Poke her on the arm, and there’s a good chance it might break. This means it’s far easier to train a skinny chick into doing your bidding. If that bitch doesn’t make you a sandwich like you wanted, she will after you dislocate her shoulder.
5. Will keep you in shape.