10. Night Recorder

Perhaps your girl is absent-minded, and that’s why she keeps leaving her phone in your car and at your crib. Just be aware that she might have more duplicitous designs. Unlike many recording apps, Night Recorder will work in stand-by mode. The app is meant to record sounds that you make in your sleep like snoring and teeth-grinding. There may be other night sounds that aren’t exactly made while sleeping, and this app is going to pick those up too. The sounds are outputted to small, convenient audio files perfect for saving until the end of divorce proceedings (or dramatic breakups).

Whatever you say (or moan) can and will be used against you in the court of your girl.

9. Contact Spy

We all know rule number one of sneaking around is you never put your mistress’s contact in your phone. If you’re real slick, you’ll put the other woman’s number in your address book under a different name. When she calls, you can play it off as a work thing or a wrong number. With the Android and iPhone app Contact Spy if your lady catches that “work number” hitting you up six times on a Friday night, she can plug it into her phone and quickly learn that it wasn’t Steve from accounting calling after all.

8. App History

Just like your browser has a history, so do many apps. From Google Maps to Urban Spoon, apps try to be helpful and save prior information. Just because your history is erased from your browser doesn’t mean she can’t see that you’ve been to a strange apartment or the bar across town four times this week. If she wants to blow up your spot, there’s an app for that. Don’t just cover your tracks once: cover them a few times over.

7. Online Reviews

We hope that most of our readers aren’t absent-minded enough to fall for this one, but it bears mentioning. For all of you Yelp-aholics out there, don’t review restaurants you go to when you’re up to no good. We now live in a culture where we review everything. If you are reviewing restaurants, weighing in on new movies, or airing your thoughts on Amazon products, remember if any of those things were supposed to be a secret. How hard would it be for your lady to stumble across a review of a romantic movie you watched with someone else? Oh, you’re the mayor of that spot across town on Foursquare? Well, Your Honor, what the hell were you doing across town? You checked in at this restaurant six times? Funny, she doesn’t remember ever going there.

6. Photostream

The Cloud is a wonderful thing. The only problem is that people don’t really understand how it works. Imagine the Cloud as a hard drive in the sky. If you put a photo in there and you delete it from your computer, it is probably still in there. Photostream takes cloud storage to the next level by not only storing the photo in the ether, but also pushing it to your other iPads, Macs, and iPhones. Your girl may suddenly have a half-dozen opportunities to stumble upon that topless selfie that your new friend sent you. Just because you deleted it in one place doesn’t mean that it’s gone.
h1 class="list-slide__title">5. Budget Apps
We have all heard stories about joint bank statements ruining relationships. It’s hard to explain that R10 000 bill from Cartier if your girl’s wrist is ice-free. Now that there are so many ways to manage your money, there are new ways for your wallet to come back to haunt you. Useful apps like Mint will send you alerts that say things like, “You have spent $500 on restaurants this month.” If your girl sees that while you’re both at the crib eating Papa Johns and watching Duck Dynasty, things might get ugly fast.

4. Auto-complete

One of the most useful features on the Internet is auto-complete. Start typing in a search term, an email, or a name on Facebook, and the computer is going to guess what you’re looking for based on what you’ve searched before. We’ve all seen how this can be a problem. Who hasn’t had a friend stumble upon perverse sexual maneuvers or strange porn subgenres in your search history? If your girlfriend pops the first name of your cute new co-worker into your Gmail, she may be able to see all the e-mails youv’e sent back and forth, even if they are in the trash. Simply clearing your search history won’t be enough. You’ve got to manage your email, social media, and your browser, because if your girl happens to search the right first letter, you could quickly find yourself searching for a new apartment.

3. Webcam Remote Access

Many people think that remotely activating a web cam is some sort of high-tech maneuver. It isn’t. Nanny Cams, basic home security tools, and even productivity programs like GoToMyPC can be used to spy on you with your own gear. If your girl has been around your computer, she may have had the opportunity to set up her own little surveillance system. If you’re suspicious, unplug or cover up that camera, or take the action into the kitchen, away from digital recording devices.
Do yourself a favor and make sure that the only camera in the bedroom is being operated by you.

2. Find My iPhone

“Find My iPhone” is a great way for you to see where the person who stole your phone is using your phone, and then realize that there’s nothing you can do about it. “Yes, hello officer. My phone is at the Burger King on Broadway. Can you search everyone there and see if they have my phone?” The only real use for this iCloud app is locating your phone after it has fell between your couch cushions.
Your girlfriend might have a use for the app though. If you’ve ever used your iTunes account on your her phone to download a song, she might have access to your iCloud account. When you leave her spot and go see Christine, she’ll watch your no-good-cheating ass, represented as a blue orb, travel to Christine’s crib in real time.
It will soon be time to “Find a New Relationship.”

1. Spying Software

You probably knew that there are plenty of spying technologies out there, but did you know just how intrusive they can be at an incredibly low cost? If your girl installs SpyPal on your PC, she’ll be able to access your Facebook and email history, log microphone sounds, and even collect screenshots from your machine. Mobistealth will give her the same power over your smartphone. Both products can be had for less than R15 000, and are just two examples from this large and fast-growing field.
The bottom-line: If your girl wants to get dirt on you, she can. Honesty is probably the best policy, unless you want to find yourself in a espionage arms race with your partner.