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10 Ways to Make Sure She Never Cheats On You

Getting a woman to sexually connect with you is not just about your sex skills, but about how to make her feel as a person. Women do not usually stray because the sex prowess is lacking, but because the man does not make them feel good sexually overall.

Most women will tell you that they were able to achieve orgasm, or fall more in love with their partner because they took the time to connect with them. So how do you make sure you rock her world sexually and reach her deep within? See the tips and advice below.

1. Respect her: It is unlikely for a disrespected woman to enjoy sex with her partner. Treating her with respect can be very arousing for her.

2. Get her consent: Most men will assume that when a woman says 'no' to sex, they can wear her down. But if she eventually lets you have sex with her this way, it is very unlikely she enjoys it. Women will not orgasm if they feel used or taken advantage of.

3. Listen to her: You should take the time to talk to her about what she likes. Listen to what turns her on and you will be the only man she would want in her bed.

4. Resist the porn: Try not to let porn be your guide to sex. Acting like a porn star or expecting her to react like a porn star will most likely not get her off. Porn is staged and hardly ever depicts reality.5. Foreplay: Never underestimate the power of getting her properly hot and ready. It makes a world of difference.

6. Know the clit: Take time out to know where the clitoris is and how to stimulate her.

7. Find her hot spots: All women do not have the same erogenous zones. Find hers and stimulate them.

8. Pay attention to the labia: The labia, often ignored, is full of sizzling little nerve endings and it's easy to take advantage of. A little rubbing, massaging, kneading, kissing, nibbling, and licking will go a long way.

9. Use toys: Why not get creative and adventurous? Don't be threatened by the inclusion of toys.

10. Kiss her: There's something intimate about kissing during sex, which adds to the pleasure of it on an emotional level.

Source: Pulse Media

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