Researchers have examined porn watchers and provided 3 reasons why over-indulging in pornography is a very bad idea. 

1. It can affect mental health

A recent study conducted by researchers discovered that the mere idea of porn addiction can have adverse effects on a person's mental health. They found that those who believed they had an addiction to pornography also experienced psychological issues, like depression, anger, and anxiety. However, this was not a result of watching porn itself, but rather it was a result of the feeling that watching porn was becoming an uncontrollable habit. They feel that some people have no problem with the porn itself, but instead worry more about what will happen if they watch too much of it.

2. Causes you to lack empathy
Watching porn or visiting strip clubs frequently can affect people's attitude and beliefs towards the ills associated with human trafficking, reveals new research. According to a team from an American university, "viewing pornography, strip bar attendance and engaging in prostitution all contributed to a more laissez-faire [allow to do] attitude toward the practice of such 'human slavery.'"

3. Makes you sexually aggressive
The analysis of 22 studies from seven different countries found that pornography consumption is associated with sexual aggression across the countries among both males and females. Associations were stronger for verbal than physical sexual aggression, although both were significant, the study said. The collected data looked at self-reports of pornography consumption and acts of sexual aggression, including sexual harassment and the use of force or threats to, as the study puts it, "obtain sex".