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Minnie Dlamini gets verified on Instagram

Minnie Dlamini had a stellar week last week. She hosted the Good Practice Awards on the 28 June, flew to Durban to be revealed as the official host of Tropika Island of Treasure. The same day flew to Cape Town to attend a few events and meetings and be part of an exciting cover shoot. While Minnie was spent most of the week in various cities, her social media presence becoming the first South African account to be verified on Instagram. 
Digital and social media expert, Mark Schefermann ''To be verified on any social media platform is an honour and it shows legitamcay and reach of the account''

Watch Minnie Dlamini address her social media haters in this hilarious video

Images: Minnie Dlamini in Kobus Rautenbach at the Good Practice Awards 

Photo-credit: Luke Bennett

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