Having love in the dark can be hot, mysterious, and physically flattering for everyone involved. But, shying away from the light can mean cheating yourself (and your partner) out of a mind-blowing sack session.

"It's a myth that only men are visually oriented during love," New York City love therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. If you can't see your partner, you're missing out on a huge aspect of sensory stimulation, he says.


"With lights on you expose yourself more to your partner and create the opportunity to generate even greater trust and get to know one another even better," says Dana Weiser, Ph.D., an assistant professor of human development and family studies at Texas Tech University. It can be incredibly love, she adds, because you get to make eye contact and see your partner's reactions to the pleasure you're giving them.

If you're still a little hesitant about lighting it up in the bedroom, try easing into it by flipping the switch after foreplay, says Kerner. "As you get more aroused, your inhibitions are lower and you might be more open to letting in some light," he says.

Not convinced yet? Here are seven more reasons to consider coming out of the dark.

1. You Can Do It Any Time

The tough thing about only doing it in the dark is that it’s incredibly limiting, and we know it's fun to get busy any moment you feel is right. (Hello, morning love!) Leaving the lights on or doing it in daylight opens up a world of new sexy times—and locations—to explore.

2. He Can't "Accidently" Put It In Your Butt

There's nothing wrong with a little booty action, but that's not our idea of a fun "surprise."

3. You Reap the Fruits of Your Gym Labor

Trust us, as good as your butt looks in those yoga pants, it looks even better out of them. Go ahead, put your hard work on display.

4. It's Basically Free Porn

Lights off love is nice, but you can’t watch yourself do it in pitch black. Position yourselves right in front of the bedroom mirror, fix your stares, and press the record button on your video camera if you're feeling particularly daring. Cue the house music.

5. You Get to Know His O

Whether he's a squinter or a jaw-dropper, you've got to admit you like to witness the very moment when he reaches the point of no return. We're 1000 percent sure he likes seeing your grand finale, too.

6. You Avoid love Injuries

This is especially helpful after a night of drinking. No one wants to make a post-coital trip to the E.R.

7. He Can See What He's Doing Down There

Verbal guidance is great for foreplay. What's even better is some visual coaching. Don't be afraid to show him around your lady garden.

8. You’ll feel like a total badass.

When you take control by putting the spotlight on your love life, you'll feel empowered, turned on, and eager to take yourself to O-town.