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15 Things men WANT in bed but wont tell you

In Africa , sex is a taboo topic in most homes. Even though that is gradually changing, it’s quite unusual to see sex being discussed openly homes.

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Our women are brought up with the understanding that a lady who shows open likeness for sex is considered loose, therefore they are always inhibited when it comes to sex. They also believe that being open about sex gives men the impression that they are bad girls.

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News flash ladies, men like sex but love it more when their women participate fully in the act or do things to spice it up. We want a lion in bed, not a kitten.

Below is how African men want their women to be in bed:

1. Initiate Sexual intercourse

It’s good you’re always receptive when we initiate sex but there are times we also want you to initiate sex. It shows that you want us as much as we want you. Send us sexy messages to indicate how much you can’t wait to have us at home and what special treat you have in store for us.

When in bed, make your move and touch him. Whilst walking around the house be bold and show him how much you yearn for him. African men love bold women.

2. Take Control

We don’t want you to do and follow our lead throughout the act. Be bold and take control of things. Control the depth, pace, position etc. Why not hold him, turn him onto the bed and give him a mind blowing ride to heaven.

We do things we feel make you excited but we also know we don’t nail it sometimes so it’ll be great if you can guide your man to your erroneous zones so both of you can pleasure each other.

3. Be Responsive

Ever heard of “don’t lie there like a log”?? It doesn’t make things exciting when you just lie there for us to do all the work. Reciprocal movement, touches, kisses etc all add up to the fun and gives us the energy to do a good job.

4. Compliment Him

We’re doing the deed and I hit a great spot that sends pleasure buds running through your body. Why not say it? We love to hear how well we are performing. Tell us how our hands feel on your body, tell of how we are making you feel, let us know if a particular thing makes you excited.

5. Be Adventurous

We need some adventure. Be ready to try new positions, new locations etc. Making love the same way at the same place can be kinda boring and so we need a way to spice it.

Try it in the couch, on the kitchen cabinet, in the bathroom, outside when nobody is watching. Just be willing to try out new ideas.

6. Talk Dirty

We are not saying be like a porn star but at least make audible noises that’ll make us know if we are doing things right. Tell us how hard you want it, how badly you want it. At that moment, drop all inhibitions and be vocal.

7. Threesomes

Yes, men will think about having a threesome with you and another women, but they don't expect you to act upon it. It’s a fantasy - chill out.

8. Be natural

Men like it when girls doll up, but believe it or not, they love it even more when you’re natural. Hair down, makeup free and not a care in the world - that’s when you're most beautiful.

9. PornHub, RedTube - all men watch porn!

Expect an average of three to four times a week. When he’s busy or in a relationship it might be as little as once a week. Why? For a quickie! All men have needs.

10. They don’t mind having sex with you while you’re on

Yup, most guys don’t really care if you've got your period as long as they get the goods. Failing that, ”red day is head day”, right?

11. You're always leaving the toilet seat down

Men put up the toilet seat. End of. If you find the seat up, get over it and put it down. It's not worth fighting over.

12. Sleeping on his chest

Men love it when they feel like they’re protecting you. And believe it or not, they do like a cuddle!

13. Men like to show off their strength

So yes, it’s OK to yell for him to kill a spider or ask if he minds helping you carry boxes up the stairs. He wants to do it for you.

14. They love your orgasm face

Sweaty? Red? And scrunched up? Watching you orgasm is like watching a football hit the back of the net (not to mention, a BIG ego boost for him). Guys love it when you're enjoying yourself.

15. Chillax

Men don’t like women who are constantly stressed out and anxious. Relax and try to be laid back about things. It’s never the end of the world.

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