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Rapper and pastor Selwyn has a message for all those addicted to porn and masturbation.
In recent posts on social media, Selwyn offered advice on how pornography is a hindrance on your life and blessings.
“Do not have a contract of agreement between porn and your mind. Pornography cuts you off blessings. Delays your life and makes you believe you are going forward whilst you are in the portal of lust going nowhere in your life," he wrote on his Instagram page.
The rapper continued to add that porn leads to people believing that masturbation helps them release tension, when in actual fact it violates your spirit and strips your mind of intelligence.
“Watching porn gets you addicted to masturbation. Masturbation has you believing when you ejaculate your body releases off tension. Whilst your spirit is groaning and moaning for the violation of the demon of lust you have allowed in," he added in another Instagram post.
"You have the power to violate and cratch your spirit with the claws of lust through porn. Porn is a very dangerous demon. You may take light and make jokes about it and think nothing of it but wait till you see the horror of what it does to the delicacy of your spirit being. Porn takes the Glory of God out of you. It strips you off your authority."
His posts have gained a lot of attention on social media, with some positive and some negative responses.

The Negative

The Positive  

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