CHILDREN must stay away from schools because the devil has taken over these institutions, following a deal it made with former president Nelson Mandela.

This was the submission made by the controversial Angel Ministries brothers to the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

Banele Mancoba, one of the seven brothers from the ministry, some consider to be a cult, based in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape, said Mandela had made a deal with Satan to take over schools.

“The devil has taken over the schools. The devil was allowed by Nelson Mandela Rholihlahla. As Angel Ministries we say that as angels who sit on the Father’s right hand, we call on children not to go to schools because the devil has taken over schools,” he said.

Last month, police and social workers rescued 21 children from the church. The children did not attend school because the church is against it.

Mancoba said Mandela had meetings with the devil while he was in prison and sold out the world.

“Mandela was enforcing that children be sent to school when he knew very well that he had sacrificed them,” Mancoba said.

He said the church did not recognise the country’s constitution because it was driven by the devil.

“The devil breathed on the constitution. We will not turn back; the South African constitution and education are dead. People must not listen to the constitution because it is driven by the devil. It is the devil’s spirit.”

He told the commission that the constitution allowed witches to practise freely.

“The South African constitution allows men to marry each other. We have come to Earth to fix those things,” said Mancoba.

He did not deny that there were church members who had cashed in their pensions, resigned from work and sold property and given their money to the church.

They were hardly allowed to go to school but when it came to religion they all had answers.

‘We know how to save the people from the devil but we can’t do it yet,’ said Pastor Bonakele. If we arrest satan now, the world would come to an end, he said. Pastor Bonakele Mancoba of Angel Ministries appeared before the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities. But the pastor left the commission with more questions than answers. He wasted no time in giving the commission a lecture on what is wrong with this country.

‘I am God. We know these things,’ he said. On Saturday we went to arrest satan in hell but we suspended the operation because people are not ready to go to heaven yet’

Last month the Angle Ministries Church made headlines when women and kids were rescued by MEC for social development Nancy Sihlwayi. The church had forced them to cut ties with the people outside the church. It also forced them to leave school and stop working. ‘We aren’t sending children to school because satan has anointed the constitution and schools with evil spirits,’ said the pastor. ‘The constitution allows men to marry other men’. The brothers told the commission that they are angels from heaven sent by God to preach the word of God.

They told the commission their late father Siphiwo Mancoba prevented them from going to school. ‘I did grade R, two of my brothers left school in grade 5. The young ones never went to school, but we can speak English very well.,’ said the pastor. ‘ We inherited the church from our late father in April last year.’ He said the church was formed by their father in the 1980’s.

‘We get donations and we own many cars, but we can’t say how many or where we get our donations. We use the money to feed our people in the church’. They do not bank the money. ‘The bank is Satan’s institution’ he said. Commissioner Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva said : ‘While you are on earth, whether you are angels or not, you have to abide by the constitution. You are forced to register your church’.

She said if they receive any donations they are required to deposit them in a bank and the money must be audited.’If you break the law we will arrest you or you have to go to another country,’she said.

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