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Jabu Maluleke is accused of wrecking another man’s marriage. Raunchy WhatsApp chats revealed

FORMER SuperSport United and Polokwane City midfielder Jabu Maluleke is accused of wrecking another man’s marriage.

The wayward soccer player was allegedly caught after sending raunchy WhatsApp messages to S'busiso Nkosi's wife Puleng, detailing their alleged sexcapades.
It is understood the chats put a strain on the couple's struggling marriage.
According to Nkosi, Maluleke, also married, comes from Chiawelo, Soweto, the same neighbourhood as his wife.
When the "naughty" duo were contacted for comment, Puleng hung up, and Maluleke could not be reached for two weeks and failed to respond to text messages.
Some of the raunchy messages between them took place between January 6 and 8.
They read:
Jabu: "What are you wearing? send me your pic."
Puleng: "Why Bcoz whenever we're together, u can't get ur hands off me..."
Jabu: "Can't hold myself," to which Puleng asks: "What goes thru ur mind when u checking me out?" eventually referring to Maluleke as a naughty man.
Later in the string of texts, Maluleke acknowledges receipt of the nude pics, saying: "Damn u wearing a sexy g-string damn."
Puleng: #blusing #blushing.
And chat eventually became too raunchy, which drove Nkosi over the edge.
"I don't want her again," said Nkosi. "I have made peace with her cheating, and have resolved that I will take care of our son and nothing more."
According to Nkosi, the message that made him lose his marbles read:
Jabu: "Which one u wearing today?"
Puleng: "The pink one."
Jabu: "Do I know it?"
Puleng: "U saw me wearing it the last time... u even touched it."
Jabu: "Is it the one u wearing the last time."
Puleng: "Yes dear."
Puleng: "U know all my undies."
Jabu: "It's sexy."
The chats between the cheating lovebirds became worse and read more like a porn script.
Puleng: "Wish I cud suck ur balls."
Jabu: "Ohh u really can suck them."
Jabu: "Did u see where u end up sucking."
Puleng: "No."
Puleng: "Tell me."
Jabu: "U went down to my ass damn u made me scream."
Puleng: "I heard you... did you like it."
Puleng: "Be honest please."
Jabu: "I like a lot."
Jabu: "U did a good job."
Puleng: "Even though it was my 1st time sucking balls."
Jabu: "Serious?"
Puleng: "Did u enjoy?"
Jabu: "Yes it was"
Jabu: "I did... very much."
Jabu: "What made u to go down to my ass dear?"
Puleng: "I wasn't thinking of your ass... your reaction made do what I did and at some point I think you asked me to go down."
Puleng: "Have ur balls been sucked b4?"
Jabu: "Yes. But u did a great job."
Puleng: "Thank you.....It means a lot. So u won't mind spreading ur legs for me?"
Puleng: "Yes... I want to know how I make you feel."
Jabu: "I don't mind."
Puleng: "U will tell me if I don't make I feel good."
The raunchy chats continued.
Puleng: "I'm in bed with my son... we can't do phone sex."
Jabu: "I know."
Jabu: "U like it when I f**k u."
Puleng: "Yes I do"
Puleng: "I like it hardcore in that position... put it in and f**k as if you ripping my p***y apart... that's the only way I enjoy it in that position."
Jabu: "Must I f**k it hard?"
Puleng: "As hard as you can."
Jabu: "U like dog style?"
Puleng: "I do but it get hurt sometimes... so when I do have I make sure it counts."
Nkosi said he discovered a booking confirmation in his wife's e-mail inbox. It was for a stay at Garden Court Hotel in Morningside, north of Joburg, on October 9.
"When I asked her about it, she just snapped at me. The confirmation said 'Thank you Jabu, your reservation has been confirmed'," said Nkosi.
Sunday World has seen a copy of the confirmation.
According to Nkosi, Maluleke was dismissive when confronted about the affair.
"He told me he has been friends with my wife since childhood but claimed that he was not dating her."
Sunday World has seen the SMS conversation, to which Maluleke responds: "Have got a wife y must I go after her since she is my friend. If you want to fight, you can come, I will wait for you no stress."

Source : Sunday World

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