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Zee World - Lies of the Heart Teasers September - October 2017

Lies of the Heart Teasers September 2017 – Upcoming Zee World drama series ‘Lies of the Heart’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for September 2017.

Zee World Weekly Highlights August 2017

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Premiere episodes of Lies of The Hearts air on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00 from Thursday 13 July 2017.

Coming up on Lies of the Heart this September 2017:

Friday 1 September 2017
Episode 37

Urmi does research on Casinos and their policies, to find out if Samrat has been lying to her, it appears it is true, Samrat has indeed been lying to her.

Monday 4 September 2017
Episode 38

Samrat finds out about Urmi helping the woman in the neighboourhood and yet again he loses his cool and shouts at her in front of her family.

Tuesday 5 September 2017
Episode 39

No teaser available.

Wednesday 6 September 2017
Episode 40

Urmi tries to convince her family members that Samrat treats her badly and that he is a bad man. Her family disagrees with her and they tell her to go back. Samrat's parents try to persuade him to ask for forgiveness from Urmi.

Thursday 7 September 2017
Episode 41

Urmi's family finds out that she is pregnant. Urmi considers terminating the pregnancy but her family is tries to convince her otherwise. Samrat is shocked to hear that he will be a father soon.

Friday 8 September 2017
Episode 42

Urmi attends the party hosted at Samrat's house. Could Urmi have changed her mind about going back to Samrat's house? Urmi feels uncomfortable with the fact that Samrat is showing love and affection all of a sudden.

Monday 11 September 2017
Episode 43

Urmi goes to meet up with Aditi, only to then meet her husband. It appears that, Aditi's husband is the same man that has been persuing Trisha.

Tuesday 12 September 2017
Episode 44

Trisha plans a meet and greet for Urmi and Amrit. Will their meeting happen? (Because if it does, then she will notice that her sister in law is married to the same man). Samrat finds out that Urmi wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Episode 45

Trisha sees Amrit on a bike with Aditi. Amrit lies about the relationship he has with Aditi. What could his motive be? Makhan tries to influence Rashmi into going to Mumbai with him. Will she decide to go?

Thursday 14 September 2017
Episode 46

Trisha tells Urmi all about Amrit. Samrat is being nice and considerate to Urmi, but it seems like there is a motive behind all this. Fights arise between Rashmi and Gaurav, all because of the misunderstanding Makhan created between them.

Friday 15 September 2017
Episode 47

Trisha follows Amrit and Aditi around to find out what he’s hiding from her. Trisha finds out Amrit has been lying to her all this time and that he is actually a married man. Aditi is shocked after hearing what Amrit did behind her back.

Monday 18 September 2017
Episode 48

Shashi finds out that Aditi's husband was cheating on her with Trisha. With Rage, Samrat goes to Urmi's parents' house and he threatens Urmi's father to either disown or send Trisha out of the city. What will Devi’s final decision be?

Tuesday 19 September 2017
Episode 49

Amrit comes up with a story to paint himself as innocent before Aditi. Urmi comes up with evidence to prove that Amrit was the one at fault and not Trisha.

Wednesday 20 September 2017
Episode 50

Makhan tells Rashmi that he has found a photography contract for her. Samrat brings Amrit back to the house, telling everyone to forgive him. Trisha starts to get death threats. Rashmi flees the house leaving Gaurav with just a letter.

Thursday 21 September 2017
Episode 51

A mystery person keeps haunting Trisha at night while sleeping, could this be Samrat's work? Trisha finds herself stuck, Urmi tries to go help but she also gets into trouble.

Friday 22 September 2017
Episode 52

Urmi finally gets Trisha out of danger. Samrat sends someone to plant substances in Trisha's room at the hostel. After finding the substances in Trisha's room, one of the police administrators decides to cancel her admission.

Monday 25 September 2017
Episode 53

Samrat's uncles come to the house and Urmi realises that he in fact is the very man who she had a heated argument with.

Tuesday 26 September 2017
Episode 54

Urmi has a difficult time trying to make her son happy, as Samrat always brings sadness back into her life. Urmi's family try to get Gaurav married but they only end up getting the wrong matches.

Wednesday 27 September 2017
Episode 55

Shaurya starts to behave like Samrat and has no respect for Mandira and his mother.Garjan encourages Urmi to fight for herself respect, could he be up to something?

Thursday 28 September 2017
Episode 56

Samrat sees with his own two eyes how rude and arrogant Shaurya has become. It is still unclear what Garjan intentions are. On one hand he helps Urmi to get stronger and on the other he plays mind games with the rest of the family.

Friday 29 September 2017
Episode 57

Samrat starts to blame Urmi for Shaurya's bad behavior. Garjan indirectly tells Samrat to take care of Shaurya just so he can feel how it is to raise a child. Samrat be able to look after Shaurya without Urmi's help?

Coming up on Lies of the Heart this October 2017:

Monday 2 October 2017
Episode 58

Shaurya makes sure he gives Samrat a very hard time at the park. Garjan suspects that Samrat is up to something and he tries to figure out what it could be. Urmi finds out the Samrat hired a babysitter to take care of Shaurya.

Tuesday 3 October 2017
Episode 59

Samrat neglects Shaurya and he nearly ends up losing him. Garjan continues to groom Urmi on how to handle Samrat. Gaurav refuses to marry the girl Gayatri found for him.

Wednesday 4 October 2017
Episode 60

Garjan convinces Urmi to leave the house so that all the other family members, especially Shashi, do all the work for once. Urmi's mother begins to question why Urmi came to visit them out of the blue.

Thursday 5 October 2017
Episode 61

Garjan brings an unknown woman to the house and he convinces Samrat to pretend that she is his wife. Gaurav finally gives in and decides to marry Asha. Samrat’s important dinner plans, turn into a complete disaster.

Friday 6 October 2017
Episode 62

Shaurya and Mandira make sure they make Shashi look ridiculous. Samrat gets exposed in front of his guest and loses the deal. Thanks to Garjan, Samrat actually defends his wife for once against Shashi. How will Shashi react to this?

Monday 9 October 2017
Episode 63

Shashi tries to give Samrat special vegetable juice filled with Laxative, unfortunately for her Urmi knows about all about her plan. Gayatri and Saroj pressurise Gaurav into getting married the next day.

Tuesday 10 October 2017
Episode 64

Shashi is shocked when she sees Samrat going with Urmi to Gaurav's wedding. Shashi’s plan to falsely blame Urmi for Samrat's loss fails completely. Rudra steps in and threatens to leave the house for good.

Wednesday 11 October 2017
Episode 65

Gaurav finds out that Asha was never educated and that she can't read or write. Rudra reveals to Urmi why he reacted the way he did. Shashi pretends to faint just so that she doesn't have to leave the house. Will Shashi’s plan work?

Thursday 12 October 2017
Episode 66

Shashi prepares a special sweet dish and she insists that Urmi should taste it first. Asha's mom reveals that Gayatri knew all about Asha not being able to read or write. Garjan and Anushka try to convince Urmi to take up dance lessons.

Friday 13 October 2017
Episode 67

Urmi practises her dance routine and at that very moment Samrat walks in. It turns out that Shashi never had a change of heart, she is still the same cunning woman seeking vengeance.

Monday 16 October 2017
Episode 68

Devishankar reveals that he wants to get Anushka married, but Anu refuses. Urmi blindly trusts Shashi once again. Is she setting herself up for a disaster? Samrat goes to the swimming club and upon entering, he notices that Urmi isn't there.

Tuesday 17 October 2017
Episode 69

Samrat states that the longer Urmi takes to tell him the truth, the more severe her punishment will be. Samrat belittles Diwakar once again. Shashi overhears Urmi on the phone and she decides to take advantage of the situation.

Wednesday 18 October 2017
Episode 70

Urmi convinces Diwakar to leave Samrat's company. Diwakar finally stands up to Samrat, unfortunately it causes a rift in the family. Manish continues to trouble Urmi. 

Thursday 19 October 2017
Episode 71

Manish comes to Samrat's house and frames Urmi. Anushka rejects the marriage proposal in front of Karan and his parents. Samrat confesses to Garjan about hiring Manish to frame Urmi.

Friday 20 October 2017
Episode 72

Garjan tells Urmi everything and together they work on a plan to get back at Samrat and Shashi. Diwakar goes for a job interview.

Monday 23 October 2017
Episode 73

Rudra, Garjan and Urmi play mind games with Samrat and he finally confesses to everything. Asha brings home a child from the temple, not knowing she actually stole the child. Samrat vows to make Urmi pay for the insult.

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Episode 74

Gaurav rushes home, only to be greeted by the police at home. Urmi waits up for Samrat all night, unfortunately she has to face Samrat's inhuman side. Saroj calls to check up on Urmi and Shashi lies to her.

Wednesday 25 October 2017
Episode 75

Urmi files a case against Samrat and gets him arrested in the middle of an important meeting. The whole family puts pressure on Urmi to get Samrat released, question is: will Urmi give in?

Thursday 26 October 2017
Episode 76

Devi and Shashi emotionally blackmail Urmi just to get Samrat released. Samrat is forced to sign an apology letter and to apologise to Urmi publically. Garjan now realises that, he has to try and rekindle the love Urmi once had for Samrat.

Friday 27 October 2017
Episode 77

Samrat struggles to come to terms with what happened and to make matters worse, he gets bumped by an unknown car. Urmi stays over at the hospital and takes care of Samrat. Anu is in shock when she sees Urmi's condition.

Monday 30 October 2017
Episode 78

Shashi has this ridiculous idea that Urmi is using alternative methods to get back at Samrat. Shashi tries to fool Urmi but this time, Urmi gives her a fitting reply. Anu tells Karan that she’s in love with someone else. Who could it be?

Tuesday 31 October 2017
Episode 79

Gaurav's attitude towards Asha starts to change... could he be falling in love with her? Amrit grabs the opportunity of taking over Samrat's business with both hands. Samrat realizes that Urmi doesn't love him anymore.

Premiere episodes of Lies of The Heart air on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

Premiere episodes of Lies of The Hearts air on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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      Lies Of The Heart on Zee World full story summary

      Zee World continues to bring you the very best in Indian entertainment with a new heart-warming series Lies Of The Heart Starting on Zee World on DStv Channel 166 on 13th July.

      It is the story of Urmi, a young girl who gets married to Samrat, an arrogant, male chauvinist and abusive husband. As the story progresses Urmi and Samrat have a child, Shaurya. Moving further Urmi walks out of her marriage with Samrat due to his infidelity and ends up as a successful independent woman. Going forward Ishaan who has been Urmi’s friend, confidant and lawyer falls in love with her and they get married.

      Samrat, the abusive husband, comes back to take revenge on Urmi. In the process, Ishaan gets killed while saving Samrat and later Samrat finish his life due to guilt. Moving 15 years forward, Shaurya is an upright honest reporter who runs a news agency. Diya works with Shaurya in the same agency. On a work assignment Diya is raped. Hereon; begins the journey of Urmi, Shaurya and Diya.

      Over the years Urmi, with her courage, integrity and determination to fight for the right has become one of the most iconic characters on Zee TV. With this leap Urmi passes the baton she has been carrying to Shaurya. The story henceforth focuses on Shaurya and Diya and how Shaurya helps Diya, stand up for her, fights for her, supports her and eventually falls in love with her. Diya on her part fights for her rights, lives her life with her head held high and also eventually falls in love with Shaurya. Stay Tuned!
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