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Zee World - Breaking Free Weekly Highlights Teasers April 2017

Zee World Weekly Highlights April 2017

Saturday 15 April 2016

Episode 23

Vikram and Sugni's wedding stirs conflict between Sugni and her mother. Gulabi wants Sugni to choose between her and Vikram.

Episode 24

Is this a bold choice or a blunder? Gulabi turns Adi against Vikram and Adi goes in search for answers to Vikram's secrets.

Episode 25

Vikram gets tested on love and deceit. Rewa makes her way to the mansion.

Episode 26

. Gulabi tells Aditya that Rewa is alive. Will he believe her?

Episode 27

Sugni pleads with Gulabi to attend her wedding and Vikram's sister is suspicious of Vikram and Dhanu's secret talk.

Episode 28

Adi uncovers Vikram's well-kept secret and Gulabi will stop at nothing to try and stop Sugni's wedding. Adi has a bone to pick with Vikram.

Saturday 15 April 2016

Episode 29

 The truth is revealed. Adi believes Sugni deserves the respect that Vikram can never afford her. Sugni struggles with her shattered dreams.

Episode 30

 All hope is lost as Sugni tries to restore her life. Amrita's parents will not allow her to marry Adi.

Episode 31

 Sugni gives up because of a broken heart. Baburam has got news for Gulabi and she is devastated. Sugni has news for the landlords regarding the upcoming festival.

Episode 32

 Gulabi asks Aditya for help with stopping the bidding.

Episode 33

 Adi outbids Vikram for Sugni at the auction.

Episode 34

 Sugni is tricked to move into the mansion against Gulabi's wishes. Rewa walks into Vikram and Sugni's intimate conversation.
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