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#KeepingScore Keeping Score Teasers February - March 2017 (SABC2)


Coming up on Keeping Score this February 2017:

Monday 6 February 2017
Episode 33

Bring It On

Odessa bullies the athletes' to train again. Ashanti pops more pills and improves her time on the track but takes strain for it. Botho pitches the idea to Lehasa of SWEAT 3000 sponsoring ASA and convinces Jade to participate in a contest. Jade does brilliantly until a strange woman shows up and puts her off.

Tuesday 7 February 2017
Episode 34

Match Me If You Can

Jade tells Eshe she hates her mother and pretends nonchalance but Eshe can see she's really hurting. Justice likes the rec room idea but won't help Warona raise funds. Felleng sows distrust in Tiny's mind about Mmamosa, and Tiny and Justice bond over boxing greats. At the UJ trials, Jade looks to win, but freezes when she sees somebody in the audience.

Monday 13 February 2017
Episode 35

Instant Replay

Justice struggles to steady the ship as his anger-fuelled actions and decisions put him at odds with Botho and Warona. To Mmamosa’s surprise and elation, Tiny tears up their pre-nup, but Tladi and Lehasa are so skeptical that they plot against Tiny.

Tuesday 14 February 2017
Episode 36

Blood Of My Blood

Odessa gets the cold shoulder from the athletes. Warona is exhausted by the fashion show but Botho refuses to help her. Tiny gets increasingly worried about the costs of the wedding and Lehasa hires an investigator to dig up dirt on him. Botho fears that Ashanti is taking drugs.

Monday 20 February 2017
Episode 37

A Shot At Glory

Ashanti is told that she is will be running in a small tournament. She is excited but nervous. Lehasa learns of Tiny's huge debt but it's too late to tell Mmamosa who has already married Tiny. Jade is determined to not just win against, but destroy Andre and Sarah (and her mother by extension). She gains allies in Eshe and Botho.

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Episode 38

The Long Shot

Everyone is worried about Jade at the hospital. Mmamosa ends her honeymoon early to have a meeting with Justice. Back home, she finds something disturbing in Tiny’s emails.

Tongai boasts that if he was attacked he would defend himself, unlike Jade. But one night in a dark parking lot he gets a wakeup call. Ashanti is drug tested by the Sports Administrator.

Monday 27 February 2017
Episode 39

Play It To The Bone

Lehasa and Tladi worry that Tiny's debts will use up Mmamosa's money and their inheritance. Mmamosa begins to have suspicions of her own about her new husband.

Comforting her through a hard time, Eshe gets closer to Jade. Odessa is not as gentle, though and pushes Jane, Ashanti and all the athletes hard. Justice does more harm than good when he tries to stick up for Ashanti.

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Episode 40

The Best That Never Was

Mmamosa shares a tale about Justice with Warona from back in his day and Warona is shaken when Justice confirms Mmamosa's story. Mmamosa confronts Tiny but he is unapologetic.

Odessa manages to get Justice to see reason about Ashanti but is left guilt-ridden when she pushes Jade too far. Justice desperately tries to get through to Ashanti.

Coming up on Keeping Score this March 2017:

Monday 6 March 2017
Episode 41

All's Fair In Love, War And Gymnastics

Mmamosa is mad at Tiny and Warona is furious with Justice. Ashanti rants at Odessa then at Justice
who says she must get counselling or face dire consequences.

Jade is afraid that Dineo and Sara were behind her attack. Eshe offers to find out for certain. She
contacts her cop friends.

At the fashion show a catfight breaks out on the ramp and all hell breaks loose. Mmamosa finds a gift in her bag and thanks Tiny effusively. But he doesn't know anything about it.

Tuesday 7 March 2017
Episode 42

Crossed Wires

Mmamosa visits Tongai to reprimand him about the gift. But she's in for a pleasant surprise. Later,
she and Tiny argue and he scares her with sinister threats. Neo reports her findings about Andre and
the judge to Eshe who tells Botho.

Ashanti accuses Warona of meddling and teams up with Mmamosa to get rid of her. Warona accuses Justice of lying when he doesn't know why she's angry about his socks. Jade makes a video about her depression. It goes viral. Justice has a fit.


Monday 13 March 2017
Episode 43

Let's Talk About Text, Baby

Jade has dizzy spells from her vicious beating. Justice threatens to throw her out when he discovers
her blog. Botho recruits Tladi to be her muscle in her pursuit of Coach Andre. They meet him but can't
get him to incriminate himself.

A snooping Tiny finds out heartbreaking information. Jade and Eshe form a tender friendship at a vulnerable time for both of them.

Tuesday 14 March 2017
Episode 44

Split Decisions

Ashanti tries to get Warona to forgive Justice and Mmamosa tells Tdladi to stop interfering in her affair
with Tongai. Botho uses Sara's recorded confession to force her and Andre to play fair in an
upcoming ESI competition that Jade has entered.

Tiny's medication makes him impotent. Desperate not to lose Mmamosa, he plays BDSM with her and
overcomes his impotence. But with disastrous consequences.

Monday 20 March 2017
Episode 45

Tons of Fun

Eshe gets bad news about her mother and wants to get home. Botho sides with her but Odessa
refuses to let her go. Justice's leadership is needed but he's gone AWOL, having a rooftop picnic with

Odessa blows her top when Botho talks in front of Lehasa about Odessa's suspicions that
Tiny wants to sell steroids to her. Mmamosa hatches an evil plot to sort out her problems with Tiny.

Tuesday 21 March 2017
Episode 46

Body and Soul

At Odessa’s request, against Botho’s advice, Justice forces Eshe to jump at the meet, with terrible
consequences. Lehasa is forced to beg for Ashanti’s silence after she sees him kiss Odessa.

Mmamosa rues the day she ordered Lehasa to poke around Tiny's affairs. Tiny gives in to temptation and takes Viagra, to Mmamosa's delight. Eshe realises she has feelings for Jade.

Monday 27 March 2017
Episode 47

A League of their Own

Tiny shows Mmamosa that he’s a man who can take care of her needs. Eshe and Jade have a huge
fight. Ashanti is on a mission to put an end to Lehasa and Odessa’s fraternizing. Odessa shows Jade
why she’s coach.

Tuesday 28 March 2017
Episode 48

Below the Belt

Lehasa brings in a Russian fencer to convince everyone at ASA about fencing, but the demonstration
doesn’t go to plan, leaving Justice unconvinced.

Mack writes to Lehasa confirming that the person in the photos is a steroid dealer who was there the night that Isaac died. Mmamosa tries to have public sex with Tiny and gets caught by Tongai and Felleng.

Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.
Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.

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