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#KeepingScore Keeping Score Teasers April - May 2017 (SABC2)

Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.

Coming up on Keeping Score this April, 2017:

Monday 3 April 2017
Episode 49 

Out Of The Ball Game

Botho confides in Tladi about her feelings about Lehasa and Odessa. Alex and Odessa hit it off,
which unnerves Ashanti and Lehasa.

Lehasa makes things official with Odessa and Eshe finally confesses her love for Jade. Tiny throws his weight around as a husband and investor and pays a heavy price.

Tuesday 4 April 2017
Episode 50

Fast Girls

Mmamosa, hysterical, wakes Lehasa up with news that Tiny has collapsed. Jade gets ugly comments
on her blog from a troll and wants to delete her blog and give up gymnastics.Eshe has a better idea.

Botho has a hard time dealing with Eshe and Jade's public displays of affection. Mmamosa gets all
kinds of sympathy from Justice, which makes Warona jealous.

Monday 10 April 2017
Episode 51

Crossing The Line

Lehasa’s arbitrary decision to institute fencing as additional training angers Odessa, but Ashanti
seizes the opportunity to try and seduce Alex. Mmamosa meanwhile is overjoyed when she wins the
policy decision and wants to celebrate by bedding a reluctant Tongai.

Tuesday 11 April 2017
Episode 52

Glory Road

Mmamosa and Tongai's relationship is off to a sizzling start, with Tongai eating out of Mmamosa's
hand. Meanwhile, after catching Lehasa having a little too much fun with Ashanti, Odessa makes
contact with a blast from the past.

One of ASA's prized staff members makes a major decision that will affect the academy negatively. Ashanti has another tantrum at Warona and Justice delivers an
ultimatum to her that stuns her.

Monday 17 April 2017
Episode 53

Winner Takes All

Justice rages at Lehasa for flirting with both his daughters and Odessa. Lehasa shocks him with news
that will affect the whole academy. Mmamosa plans a party at her house and takes Tongai shopping
for designer clothes.

At the party Botho snubs Eshe and Jade and is given a tongue lashing by Eshe. Ashanti gets drunk and throws up on Tongai's expensive shirt. He goes into the shower to change, where he's joined by Mmamosa.

Tuesday 18 April 2017
Episode 54


Mmamosa and Tongai are hot and heavy. She wants to buy him things but he doesn't want to be a
kept man. Tdladi leaves home in disgust at the affair. Eshe fears going public and overreacts when
Jade touches her innocently.

Botho has to solve a boarding crisis when Tdladi, Eshe, Jade and Ashanti all want their own rooms in the dorm. Justice complains to Mmamosa when Alex has a tantrum. Mmamosa says she should be ASA's manager.

Monday 24 April 2017
Episode 55

The Right Tack

The rooming shake-up leaves Eshe and Jade sharing one room, and Ashanti and Tladi sharing
another. Justice and Alex clash.

Tongai accepts an offer from a stranger to accompany his daughter to her matric dance for R10 000. Mmamosa starts taking over the management role and orders wholesale renovations to the academy, leaving Botho horrified.

Tuesday 25 April 2017
Episode 56

Sporting Blood

Tongai struggles to decide how to handle his school girl fan. Mmamosa gives him unexpected
encouragement to go for it. Then when he does, she gets jealous.

Lehasa and Botho get together to catch up on work. Or maybe something more. Which makes Tladi jealous. Justice wants to get rid of Alex for disobeying his instructions and calls on Pieter Penner for help.

Coming up on Keeping Score this May 2017:

Monday 1 May 2017
Episode 57

Inside Moves

Mmamosa rages at Justice for hiring a banned athlete as coach. He accuses her of pimping Tongai out for  publicity. It's a power struggle.

Lebona begins training the athletes and gets Ashanti to accept hard work by stroking her ego. He asks Justice to train him for the Comrades marathon. Jade and Eshe reconcile and agree to a daring move that Botho suggests.  

Tuesday 2 May 2017
Episode 58

Friends Close, Enemies Closer 

Eshe and Jade come out on Pieter's radio show and are surprised at the response. Eshe finally calls her mother and gets bad news. She blames herself.

A drunken Alex arrives with lawsuit papers against ASA for Unfair Dismissal. Justice tells Lehasa and Warona to deal with it. Justice continues training and torturing Lebona and Ashanti is letting the stature of being team captain go to her head.

Monday 8 May 2017
Episode 59

Battle Of The Flexes 

Mmamosa wins a power struggle with Justice as the CCMA conflict escalates. Botho, feeling overlooked, tries to save the day but finds that her solution to the CCMA problem is jinxed.

Lebona, intimidated by his own heroic father, plays father figure to Ashanti and Tladi who both have hard lessons to learn. Tongai is trapped in a closet of lies when his gigalo-ing backfires.

Tuesday 9 May 2017
Episode 60

The Natural

Jade learns she is the official face of Sweat 3000 but finds herself between a rock and hard place when she has to stay single for the duration of her contract.

Warona and Lebona meet at lunch and feel a mutual attraction. When Justice joins them he notices it, and is jealous. Tladi catches Tongai going to Mmamosa’s place and gives Mmamosa an ultimatum: she must choose him or Tongai.

Monday 15 May 2017
Episode 61

Pain And Gain 

After his fight with Tladi, Tongai tells Felleng that Tladi is Mmamosa’s son, setting off a chain reaction of people finding out. Lehasa learns that Mmamosa and Tongai are sleeping together and tells Justice.

Ashanti begs Lebona to give her another chance and he does, with strings attached. Justice gets a visit from an athletics organisation representative who makes sinister threats about Lebona.

Tuesday 16 May 2017
Episode 62

Gum Guards And Toe Shoes 

Lebona and his dad Apla reach a milestone in their relationship. Warona catches Justice and Mmamosa almost kissing. Jade officially begins her duties as SWEAT 3000 ambassador, and she misses Eshe’s mother’s funeral.

Justice gets sick of everybody hero-worshipping Lebona. When Lebona advises him on what to do about it Justice loses it and throws a punch.

Monday 22 May 2017
Episode 63

Poor Boy's Game 

Still mad at Justice, Warona organises the Rec opening party with Ashanti. Justice and Ashanti forget about it and go out. At the party Lebona makes moves on Warona. Marty underestimates Botho when she and Lehasa take on NSALB.

Felleng and Tongai witness Botho and Lehasa getting drunk and kissing passionately. Eshe returns, hurts her back and lands in hospital with a doctor who wants to give her a banned substance for her pain.  

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Episode 64

Chasing The Dream 

Tladi and Lehasa fight over Botho. Lehasa gets hot and heavy with Botho who needs time to think. Eshe’s injury gets worse and so does the rift between her and Jade. Ashanti sees Lebona and Warona kiss.

Mmamosa asks Marty to keep the competing ban on Lebona. Lebona enters the Lesotho High Altitude Summer Marathon using Justice’s name.

Monday 29 May 2017
Episode 65

The Square Jungle 

When Jade tells Justice about Eshes's injury she spirals out of control and makes a rash, irrevocable decision. Ashanti challenges Lebona on kissing Warona and tells Botho that they're having an affair but she doesn't believe it.

Tongai and Felleng fall out about getting married someday soon and Tongai and Tladi square up to a braai off proposed by Mbazo. Mmamosa humiliates Tongai and will stop at nothing in her quest to oust and destroy Lebona.

Tuesday 30 May 2017
Episode 66

Run Ashanti Run 

Botho tries to persuade Eshe to return to ASA. It's rejection all round: the braai-off is held and the winner announced but he doesn't get the prize he wants. Tladi tells Lehasa to lay off Botho, but Lehasa refuses.

Ashanti, under pressure for her upcoming race, turns to Tladi for comfort and doesn't get the response she was hoping for.

Justice discovers that Lebona used his passport to register for the Lesotho High Altitude Marathon. Mmamosa also finds out. Ashanti's race is interrupted by high drama.

Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.

Keeping Score is on SABC2 Mondays and Tuesday at 21h30.
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