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Natasha Thahane Says She’s Not Ready To Be Mzansi’s Sexiest

Natasha Thahane is one of the hottest young actresses on TV right now but the 20 year old is not buying into the pressure of the industry. Natasha Thahane says she’s not ready to be Mzansi’s sexiest, although she is one of them.
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In an interview after Natasha was announced as of the twelve Mzansi sexiest celebs, the actress says don’t bother voting. “I’m not the sexiest…Mzansi’s sexiest 2017, hmm no! I’m going to tell you no, please don’t waste your time voting because I’m not going to pose in a bikini,” she said.

A video posted by Natasha Thahane (@natasha_thahane) on

Natasha says she’s only 20 turning 21 and doesn’t want to stress about gym and put too much focus on her body. “Thank you for the nomination but I’m 20 & I still love my pap & chicken,” she said in a video on Instagram. Now that’s what

The star was soon applauded in her comments with her fans saying that’s what Mzansi’s young girls need as role models.
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