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Getroud met Rugby Teasers October - November 2017 (kykNET )

 Getroud met Rugby Teasers October 2017 – Upcoming kykNET drama series ‘ Getroud met Rugby ’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for October 2017.


Coming up on Getroud met Rugby this October 2017:

Monday 2 October 2017
Episode 131

The Pompoms are in the middle of a leadership crisis. Fafa’s promotion causes conflict amongst the players. Chrissie receives exciting news about her learner’s test.

Tuesday 3 October 2017
Episode 132

Reitz wrestles with whether he should confront Sasha about the Instagram photo. Chrissie hopes to pass her learner’s test the second time around. Iva and Schalk discover new parenting challenges in the world of internet censorship.

Wednesday 4 October 2017
Episode 133

Gideon takes Chrissie for her first driving lesson. There is chaos amongst the pompoms and Festus is finally back home.

Thursday 5 October 2017
Episode 134

Chrissie finally gets her way with her driving lessons. Silvia must make an important decision and a revelation from Kristien devastates Renate.

Friday 6 October 2017
Episode 135

Festus and Koekie are relieved by Magda’s departure. Bart gets caught plotting behind Schalk’s back. Renate becomes increasingly uneasy about Simon’s dedication to the shelter.


Monday 9 October 2017
Episode 136

Schalk and Iva suspect that Bart is the reason behind Schalk’s temporary demotion. Renate treats herself to a makeover to get Simon’s attention and the prank war between Blitz and Liam continues.

Tuesday 10 October 2017
Episode 137

The end is not yet in sight for Blitz and Liam’s prank war. Schalk decides to investigate Bart’s past and Kristien makes things very difficult for Simon.

Wednesday 11 October 2017
Episode 138

Renate tries to make sense of Kristien’s comments about Simon. Bibi’s wedding causes tension between her and Maryke. Schalk approaches Ike and Fafa to help him with his plan.

Thursday 12 October 2017
Episode 139

Liam takes things too far with his prank on Blitz. Renate is desperate to find out what’s wrong with Simon. Fafa goes ahead with the new game-plans.

Friday 13 October 2017
Episode 140

Bibi and Ike’s big day finally arrives. Renate feels as if her world is crumbling down. Blitz stirs the pot a little bit with Bart and Iva has her reservations about Schalk’s plan.


Monday 16 October 2017
Episode 141

The Stryders’ win has Schalk more determined to find the truth. Renate convinces Simon that they need help with their marriage and Bart abuses his power.

Tuesday 17 October 2017
Episode 142

Maryke involves everybody to help her with the surprise party. Iva finds herself in a difficult situation with Renate and Simon’s marriage problems. Bart and Schalk are embroiled in a power struggle.

Wednesday 18 October 2017
Episode 143

Preparations are underway for Ike and Bibi’s surprise party. Kristien learns that her schemes run the risk of being exposed. Lindy struggles with her feelings for Liam.

Thursday 19 October 2017
Episode 144

Iva’s confrontation with Kristien leaves her with an ethical dilemma. Lindy and Liam consider becoming friends again. Koekie gives Maryke disturbing advice on child-rearing.

Friday 20 October 2017
Episode 145

Kristien decides to visit Renate and Simon. Schalk receives news that may help him save his job. Liam struggles with his feelings for Lindy.


Monday 23 October 2017
Episode 146

Liam returns home with a heavy heart after a weekend in Cape Town. Renate and Kristien reboot their friendship and Schalk gets all of his evidence ready for tomorrow’s board meeting.

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Episode 147

Schalk must appear before the board today to receive his fate. Koekie accidently reveals something big to Maryke. Lindy has strong doubts about her current relationship and Renate is excited about the prospect of a family.

Wednesday 25 October 2017
Episode 148

Blitz has exciting news for Lindy and Kristien has a fun assignment for the Stryders, while a journalist starts sniffing around the Stryders.

Thursday 26 October 2017
Episode 149

Schalk is still struggling to get answers for the leaked game-plans. Fafa finds out he’s going to have a boy and the pressure on Bart increases – how is he going to get out of this predicament?

Friday 27 October 2017
Epidode 150

The Bekkers welcome their new guest with open arms. Schalk and Iva decide it’s time for TJ to learn how to work with money. Sasha performs in Pottie’s again.


Monday 30 October 2017
Episode 151

Pottie enlists the help of a few Stryder-ladies. Blitz tries to set boundaries in his relationship with one of the pompoms. TJ is occupied with his finances.

Tuesday 31 October 2017
Episode 152

Bibi and Ike return from their trip in Kwazulu-Natal. Kristien decides to interfere in matters that don’t concern her. Renate struggles to assert herself with Yvonne.

Coming up on Getroud met Rugby this November 2017:

Wednesday 1 November 2017
Episode 153 

Liam warns Blitz about his escapades with the pompoms. Yvonne interferes with Simon and Renate’s attempts to get pregnant, and Kristien confronts Lindy about her relationship with Liam.

Thursday 2 November 2017
Episode 154 

Blitz learns that too much of a good thing can be tiring. Simon must intervene when things between Renate and his mother get out of hand. Everybody is excited for the Fancy Dress tomorrow.

Friday 3 November 2017
Episode 155 

Everybody’s right and ready for the Fancy Dress at Pottie’s. Blitz devises a plan to attend the party without any of the pompoms seeing him. Bart makes a new friend.


Monday 6 November 2017
Episode 156 

Blitz has to tread carefully after Friday’s catastrophe. Maryke is driven up the walls by everyone’s suggestions for baby names. TJ learns money is more complicated than he thought.

Tuesday 7 November 2017
Episode 157 

Lindy and Liam test the waters with their relationship. Koekie prepares for the next phase of her empire. The pompoms become suspicious about Silvia and Blitz’s relationship.

Wednesday 8 November 2017
Episode 158 

Koekie gets resistance from Fafa about her teagarden. TJ is nervous about the transition to high school. Silvia makes Blitz’s life difficult in her attempts to keep their friendship a secret.

Thursday 9 November 2017
Episode 159 

It’s a matter of life or death for Bibi and Maryke who are held captive by two robbers.

Friday 10 November 2017
Episode 160 

Bibi and Maryke try to go on with their lives after yesterday’s hostage drama. Silvia reprimands the pompoms, while Kristien makes things difficult for Liam and Lindy.


Monday 13 November 2017
Episode 161 

Fafa starts upgrading the house’s security protocols. Koekie’s teagarden opens its doors. Kristien puts her plan for Liam into motion.

Tuesday 14 November 2017
Episode 162 

Maryke and Fafa butt heads because he wants to get a gun. Bibi’s posttraumatic stress increases, and Festus’ wish comes true.

Wednesday 15 November 2017
Episode 163 

Maryke and Bibi try to work through the trauma of the robbery in their own individual ways. Koekie comes up with a plan to get more customers for her teagarden and the tension between Reitz and Sasha continues.

Thursday 16 November 2017
Episode 164 

Maryke and Bibi are nervous about the popularity of Koekie’s teagarden. Kristien prepares Liam for his big interview and Anna helps Chrissie find her style.

Friday 17 November 2017
Episode 165 

Liam has his interview with Pine Pienaar. Koekie’s teagarden is getting out of hand and the Bekkers meet a new Chrissie.


Monday 20 November 2017
Episode 166 

Chrissie’s new look has Gideon on edge. Lindy and Kristien bud heads over Liam’s interview. Fafa is in a tizzy over Koekie’s teagarden.

Tuesday 21 November 2017
Episode 167 

oekie’s customers are busy taking over Fafa’s house. Liam confronts Kristien about the article, while Silvia, Anastasia and Mia have got Blitz exactly where they want him.

Wednesday 22 November 2017
Episode 168 

Koekie’s teagarden is giving Fafa even more gray hairs. Sasha returns from her tour and can’t help but feel left out. Liam and Lindy’s situation becomes further complicated.

Thursday 23 November 2017
Episode 169

Chrissie’s new hairstyle upsets Gideon. Lindy struggles to share Liam with his fans, and Fafa has bad news for Koekie.

Friday 24 November 2017
Episode 170 

Now that Koekie’s teagarden is closed, she must come up with another plan. Liam and Blitz’s love lives struggle to take off. Reitz is less than enthusiastic when Sasha organises a charades night.


Monday 27 November 2017
Episode 171 

Sasha tries to convince Sean to allow her to record an original album. Simon is worried about Renate’s new exercise routine and Nina discovers Gideon’s secret.

Tuesday 28 November 2017
Episode 172 

Sasha fights against her uneasiness over Reitz and Anna’s friendship. Renate can’t stop raving about her new personal trainer. Gideon tries his best to regain Nina’s trust.

Wednesday 29 November 2017
Episode 173 

Anna shares a big secret with Chrissie. Renate gets Bibi and Maryke to also start exercising. Liam sees Schalk about his relationship with Lindy.

Thursday 30 November 2017
Episode 174 

Renate’s personal trainer sparks a new interest in fitness among the ladies. Schalk tries to negotiate a way for Liam and Lindy to be together. Sasha and Sean argue about her performances at Pottie’s.


Getroud met Rugby is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

Getroud met Rugby is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.


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