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ANC needs 15 extra seats while DA need 32 to run Johannesburg

There are 270 total seats in the Johannesburg metro.
The ANC thus needs 15 extra seats to form a 50%+1 majority government, while the DA will need 32.
The DA will have to align with the EFF, who won 30 seats, plus two seats more.
The ANC will need to align with all the remaining parties listed below to avoid forming a coalition government with the EFF.
The other parties who won seats in Joburg are:
  1. IFP - 5
  2. AIC - 4
  3. VF Plus - 1
  4. ACDP - 1
  5. ALJAMA - 1
  6. UDM - 1
  7. COPE - 1
  8. PA - 1
Khabza Mkhize

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