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Zee World - Silver Lining Weekly Teasers January 2017

Zee World Weekly Highlights - January 2017

Sunday 22 January 2017-
'S2/E1 - 2/1'. Isha arrives in Mumbai with the hopes of finding Ira. She meets Ira, but does not realise who she is. Ira decides to change her identity.

'S2/E2 - 2/2'. Devki causes a problem with the neighbours. Ira tells her parents she has changed her name. Isha goes to look for a job at a radio station.

'S2/E3 - 2/3'. Isha gets a golden opportunity at the radio station. Isha goes to Ira's birthday party and saves her from being arrested. The boss of the radio station comes back and it's someone from Isha's past.

'S2/E4 - 2/4'. Samarth goes to the radio station and pretends to be an intern. Revati throws a party and is interested in making Ira her daughter in law, but has ulterior motives. Revati gets a gift that reminds her of the past.

'S2/E5 - 2/5'. Isha takes the file to Sam's house. Ira finds out that her mother rejected a marriage proposal from Sam's family. Ira comes to Isha's aid when she is accused of gate crashing the party.

Sunday 29 January 2017-
'S2/E6 - 2/6'. Isha finds out the truth about Sam and reveals it to everyone. Ira's parents accept her relationship with Sam. Revathi finds out where Devki has been hospitalised. Indrani apologises to Revathi.

'S2/E7 - 2/7'. Revathi makes a surprising announcement at the dinner and forces Indrani to apologise. Ira defends her mother at the dinner. Isha sees someone who is pretending to be Sam.

'S2/E8 - 2/8'. Isha discovers the real identity of the man she left with and realises her life is in danger. Ira intends on surprising Sam with a proposal. Isha and Sam finally get to Dharampur.

'S2/E9 - 2/9'. Isha and Sam finally recognise each other and Isha enquires about Ira. Isha has to leave urgently to get back to Mumbai. Sam rejects Ira's wedding proposal.

'S2/E10 - 2/10'. Sam tries to make amends with Ira. Sam finds out the reason why his parents wanted him to get married.

THE END OF !!!!Silver Lining !!!!!

Be sure to tune into Silver Lining  on Zee World  (Channel 166).

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Silver Lining
Silver Lining a story of two orphan sisters Isha and Ira. The siblings are separated by circumstances and reunites by destiny later in life. Isha joins a radio station with the intention of finding her sister. Ira on the other hand grows up to be a rich spoilt brat. Angry with her past she erases all memories of her childhood. Unaware of their shared past, the duo meets and become best friends. Isha is placed in another dilemma when she discovers they both are in love with the same childhood friend, Sam. Will Isha sacrifice her love for her sister?
Khabza Mkhize

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