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Viral VIDEO: See how to make fire with a bag with water

You only need one of those ziploc bags filled with water and bark ...

YouTube teaches us a thousand things that happen around the world; from music to curious experiments, and one of the most amazing just it has been shown in only 6 minutes.
Grant Thompson is a youtuber dedicated to give survival tips , many of them somewhat unusual whose outcome could literally save your life.Although many consider that it would be somewhat strange to get to apply them in daily life, it never hurts to take them into account.
Thompson released a video titled "Can you make fire with a bag of sánwich?" , Which has exceeded the million 900 thousand views in a short time, and that the content of such concentrates to light a campfire with items you never would pass by head: a plastic bag filled with water and bark ...

To find the rest, we leave the video:

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