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#HighRollers High Rollers Teasers November - December 2016 Episodes

Gold Diggers Teasers October 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘etv’s telenovela ‘Gold Diggers’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for October 2016.

So, what will happen this October on “Gold Diggers”?

Coming up on High Rollers this November 2016:

Tuesday 1 November 2016
Episode 83 

Dhanny presents David with a plan to save her own skin, but she needs David’s buy in. Paul is concerned about Thandi and Jakes’ relationship so he takes matters into his own hands, literally.

Pam convinces Denton to bring a stand in for her, whilst Talullah employs the help of Kenny to get to the bottom of why Ben is acting strangely towards her.

Wednesday 2 November 2016
Episode 84 

Denton ruins Jakes plans. Esme is underpaid by Kings and Pam takes action. Dhanny struggles to find out what David’s deepest and darkest secrets are. Talullah is angry with Ben for avoiding her but doesn’t tell him why.

Thursday 3 November 2016
Episode 85

Paul is once again meddling in someone else’s relationship - this time its Jakes and Thandi's. David’s alliance with Dhanny may be on the rocks, but David is not one to give up that easily.

Ben, whose private life is not getting any less complicated, is wrangled in to assist Esme in her hour of need. However, offering an olive branch to an ex is not the easiest task. When Ben pours his heart out to AJ, their every move is watched.

Friday 4 November 2016
Episode 86 

Thandi gets scary advice from AJ and Ben finally makes a stand. Esme gets a surprise visitor and Dhanny has a difficult decision to make.

Monday 7 November 2016
Episode 87

David struggles with the realisation that being honest with Dhanny may have cost him a lot more than he’s willing to pay. Denton plays Esme masterfully, being completely open with her, but reminding her how misplaced her loyalty to the Kings is.

Ben’s attempt to get Talullah to use his new group of friends seems to be doomed because Talullah refuses to attribute anything but malice to anything AJ does.

Tuesday 8 November 2016
Episode 88 

Jakes and Paul are preparing for the impending “Bout of Honour” with Vikash playing a pivotal role, but before it happens, a crucial blessing of this fight must take place.

Busi is surprised to find Goole back in the casino, this time he intends to inflict proper harm. The Belullah marriage is about to hit an all-time low when Ben turns the tables on Talullah.

Wednesday 9 November 2016
Episode 89 

Paul and Jakes face off in the ring while David and Busi face off in the boardroom. Talullah manipulates Vikash and AJ nearly uncovers a secret.

Thursday 10 November 2016
Episode 90 

After Paul looks more positively at Jakes and Thandi’s romance, the two lovebirds cross a major milestone in their relationship. Dhanny tries to renegotiate the terms of her agreement with David.

Esme finally gives in to a major temptation and decides to do something she would’ve never considered before. Analine begs Ben to choose a different role model.

Friday 11 November 2016
Episode 91 

Esme’s world is thrown out of kilter during her first day working for Denton as he throws her into the deep end from the moment she steps foot onto the premises. Meanwhile, Talullah’s suspicions are proving true, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Monday 14 November 2016
Episode 92 

Thandi and Paul try to save Esme from the Queen of Hearts. David makes Esme an offer to stay and be his informant. Busi’s concerned for Dhanny’s safety as Dhanny gets closer to David. Ben tells AJ that he thinks she’s hot while Analine assures Talullah that Ben won’t leave her.

Tuesday 15 November 2016
No High Rollers because of the broadcast of Generations.
Wednesday 16 November 2016
Episode 93 

Esme surprises David and Jakes feels rejected by Denton. Ben pushes Talullah to the edge and Dhanny and Busi share some revelations about David.

Thursday 17 November 2016
Episode 94

Busi and Paul refuse to be involved in Denton’s poker tournament, much to David’s annoyance, but Paul has to change his tune when Kings gets a surprise visitor.

David decides to take a day off and Dhanny offers to teach him the meaning of fun. Talullah enlists Analine’s support and does her best to put AJ out of play.

Friday 18 November 2016
Episode 95 

Jakes is desperate to play for the Kings at the Queen of Hearts tournament, despite major resistance from the top. An unexpected ally, however, may be a game changer and could affect the outcome of Jakes’ struggle.

David and Dhanny take their relationship to a whole new level, which may change Dhanny forever. Talullah changes her strategy to win back Ben. Ben and AJ start edging towards trouble.

Monday 21 November 2016
Episode 096 

Esme takes centre stage while Jakes considers taking a back seat. Busi gives David a scare and Kenny takes the fight to the ‘streets.

Tuesday 22 November 2016
Episode 97 

The pressure to win the tournament causes Jakes to rethink his actions - especially when dark forces come into play. Esme finds out the hard way that the grass is not always greener on the other side. David takes his relationship with Dhanny to a new level and Talullah does the same with Ben.

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Episode 98 

Kings sends a representative from management to attend the QOH poker tournament. Thandi and Jakes has their first spat after becoming a couple. David uses Dhanny’s assets to do some spying.

Meanwhile it is the Time of Convergence and Ben is keen to make this one to remember. Jakes has been watching too much poker on the internet and plays aggressively in the opening moments of the poker game.

Thursday 24 November 2016
Episode 99 

Denton asks Esme to put him in the poker game and is subsequently allowed to join, which results in him and Jakes going head to head. Dhanny learns that David doesn't completely trust her and consequently,
questions their partnership. AJ relentlessly tries to find out what the Convergence is.

Friday 25 November 2016
Episode 100

Jakes is playing a dangerous game as he lets playing and winning at the tournament distract him from the deal struck with Denton: to lose Kings money. Dhanny and David’s growing bond catches Esme’s eye and she’s intrigued. Having left his wife to go to Durban, Ben focuses on having a good time while she’s away, worrying Kenny.

Monday 28 November 2016
Episode 101

Jakes’ subordination drives a wedge between Denton and Esme and it is Pam who must again try to save the day. Dhanny and David explore their relationship, which could well change forever. To prove he is
still young enough to party with the best, Kenny makes a drastic move.

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Episode 102 

Denton’s sights shift towards the future and he enlists Pam’s expertise in order to secure his next prize. David and Dhanny continue their dangerous exploration of her darker side and while the cat’s away, the mice are behaving like rats during the time of convergence.

Wednesday 30 November 2016
Episode 103

Jakes gives Thandi the responsibility of planning the spending of his poker winnings. David’s attraction to Busi is reignited and Dhanny has to bear the brunt for it. The Convergers are taking strain, all of them, yet they continue partying. Meanwhile, Esme thinks she is tough but she has no idea what she is about to get herself into.

High Rollers is on SABC3 Mondays to Wednesdays at 19h30.

High Rollers  December 2016 Teasers

Monday 5 December 2016
Denton wants to update his database of the Kings security, and Jakes is tasked with getting the relevant information. Dhanny and Busi try their hand at a friendship, during which time Dhanny asks what David is like in the sack. Talullah is back with a vengeance, much to the dismay of the Convergers. Then Jakes gets into the Eye in the Sky, it’s his only chance to complete his task.

Tuesday 6 December 2016
Jakes makes it clear to Denton in no uncertain terms that he's tired of the way Denton's been treating him. Thandi has plans of her own and Paul puts Jakes before a choice. Dhanny confides in Busi, but is Busi using Dhanny's trust to manipulate her? Denton gets advice from an unexpected source and Talullah learns a lesson from her husband’s despised party crowd.

Wednesday  7 December 2016
Kenny makes a damning discovery about Talullah and Jakes chooses sides. Busi finds out how close Dhanny and David really are. Denton finds his way into Kings.

Thursday 8 December 2016
Jakes and Denton are working in perfect unison again, until Denton tells Jakes the final details about his campaign against the Kings. David and Dhanny turn up the heat on Busi and Busi’s never felt so isolated before... until she calls for help. Ben’s delighted to have his wife back in town, but AJ suggests he’d better pay more attention to what she got up to while she was away.

Monday 12 December 2016
Jakes becomes aware of a looming danger and realizes that Denton doesn’t take rejection well. Talullah takes her marriage by the horns and fights for her man. Busi finds getting her brother to come work with her is not going to be an easy task.
Tuesday  13 December 2016
Jakes comes clean to Thandi about Denton, but lies to her about who Denton is after. AJ tells Ben that maybe him kissing her is a good idea. And Busi questions the purpose of Luther's challenge, learning more about his recent past.

Wednesday 14 December 2016
Jakes finds Denton to be a tough negotiator. After her and Ben’s ‘break-up’ AJ finds consolation in her friendship with Kenny. And Linkie finds out Ben may be able to get himself off the hook with Talullah, but he has other plans. 

Thursday 15 December 2016
Jakes feels the heat from Thandi and Paul and Esme has to make an important decision. Busi’s frustrations rise as she struggles to solve Luther’s riddle.

Friday 16 December 2016
While Jakes fights to hold onto Thandi, Ben and Talullah hit a milestone. Analine discovers Linkie’s reason for wanting to go away on holiday. Esme makes a major decision and Busi embarks on a journey that’s set to change her life.

Monday 19 December 2016
Jakes finds himself on the outs with Paul and Thandi, but he’s not ready to give up on his relationships with them. He keeps himself in Thandi’s space and offers Paul a useful piece of information. Busi relives her breakup with Paul and her heart break has Luther wanting to break Paul’s legs. Esme steps into Denton’s shoes, but can she fill them?

Tuesday 20 December 2016
David informs Analine of Linkie’s Christmas ultimatum. Thandi is furious at Jakes for accepting Analine’s invitation. Luther discovers that Busi’s choices are money based. Linkie learns that Denton owns the Queen of Hearts and questions Esme’s loyalty.

Wednesday 21 December 2016
Jakes arrives to spoil Thandi’s Christmas preparations. Luther reveals what he knows to Busi but in so doing has to uncover his source. Frank has reneged on his deal with Esme, and her patience is wearing very thin. Esme gives Frank an ultimatum.

Thursday 22 December 2016
Jakes finds himself at a crossroads, having to decide whether to stay for love or leave for love. But Denton arrives back in town and Jakes world is about to change.

Friday 23 December 2016
Analine’s Christmas Eve looks like a recipe for disaster, especially when David fishes for info on Jakes’ past. Luther asks Busi about the casino life and her happiness. Esme makes a bold move against Frank’s advice and tries to make plans for Christmas with Dhanny.

Monday 26 December 2016
Busi presents Luther to the Council as a prospective head of security. Esme takes money matters into her own hands. Ben oversteps the line with Talullah, humiliating her in front of his family. Ben wants to make amends, but is he just creating more problems.

Tuesday  27 December 2016
Ben has big news for Paul. Talullah and Linkie reaches a milestone, but Talullah’s mind is on a more sinister issue. Paul offers Thandi some business insights which may well affect Luther and Busi. Esme starts playing with fire.

Wednesday 28 December 2016
Things seem to be going well in the Kings household, word is spreading and Ben and Talullah are happier than ever but, unbeknownst to Talullah, someone discovers her deceit. Jakes tries to talk to Thandi but she is still giving him the cold shoulder. Paul and Luther tackle a serious crisis together. Esme gets involved in a dangerous game with an unsavoury character.

Thursday  29 December 2016
Linkie considers confronting Talullah about the contraceptive pills she found and looks for an ally. Paul suspects Luther knows about his and Busi’s past and tries to confirm this. And Dhanny, after going through the books has only bad news for Esme.

Friday  30 December 2016
Linkie plants a seed of doubt in Ben’s mind about Talullah. Luther suggests an alternative to eradicating the Gloaming Worm that is very risky. He needs Paul’s backing though. And Esme gives Frank an ultimatum.

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