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#Binnelanders Binnelanders Teasers December 2016 - January 2017

Coming up on Binnelanders this December 2016:

Thursday 1 December 2016                  
(Episode 0124/2620)

Steve isn't impressed with Deon and Bronwyn - and also not with Bronwyn’s visit. At is asked for assistance more than once, and an accident makes a situation even worse.

Wimpie doesn’t want to stay in Eikehof anymore, and Lexi and Annelize don’t see eye to eye. Altus realises he is in deeper trouble, and neither a hunting expedition nor a stork party start off the way they were planned.               
Friday 2 December 2016                      
(Episode 0125/2621)

Jana doesn’t like being kept in the dark, while Louis doesn’t impress Conrad. Naomi, unwittingly, gives Wimpie an idea. Steve’s jealousy rubs Annelize up the wrong way. A break-in at Eikehof causes more drama,  and Deon and Bronwyn are read the riot act.      

Monday 5 December 2016                      
(Episode 0126/2622)

The hunting expedition ends in disaster, while Steve seeks answers from Deon. The Ferreiras find out why the Eikehoffers are living in fear, while Pippa gives Bronwyn advice about her personal life.

It seems like a strategy is successful, and the time is ripe for more than one grudge to be buried - even if it is just momentarily.                            

Tuesday 6 December 2016                     
(Episode 0127/2623)

Breggie gives a doctor parenting advice, while Karli doesn’t have a lot of sympathy with her patient. Steve and Bronwyn have an uncomfortable discussion about finances, and Annelize’s ambitions are awakened.

Tertius and Karli celebrate the end of the exams, and Lexi interrupts a conversation about the future. Ilse has a solution for Breggie and Wimpie’s problem.                                 

Wednesday 7 December 2016                     
(Episode 0128/2624)

Bronwyn is worried about her daughter, while it is very clear that Karli is not the ‘nurse of the year’. Ilse lays down the law for Wimpie, while Louis finds himself in the dog box. Annelize is shocked by Steve’s manipulations, while Tertius develops a fever. An empty house doesn’t necessarily mean a quiet house.                      
Thursday 8 December 2016                  
(Episode 0129/2625)

Naomi makes good on her promise towards Tertius, and Deon owes Bronwyn an explanation. Pippa brings a new problem to Bronwyn’s attention, while Annelize gets diamonds. Pippa strikes up an unexpected friendship, and the votes are counted and the outcome is made public.              
Friday 9 December 2016                      
(Episode 0130/2626)

Annelize decides to look after number one, while Breggie makes an important announcement. Pippa and Conrad’s interaction is honest and uncomfortable.

Karli tries encourage Tertius’s Christmas spirit, while Tertius gives Naomi hope. Annelize doesn’t want to talk about Eben - while At refuses to discuss matters of the board with her.         

Monday 12 December 2016                      
(Episode 0131/2627)

Bronwyn struggles to be honest with Lexi, while Naomi is having a nightmare of a Christmas. Jana suggests that Okkie asks Louis for help with his computer, and Eben realises what is going on.

Annelize is tired of Lexi’s behaviour, while Deon is very aware of what is going on around him. Wimpie and Breggie have an honest conversation, while Naomi has a fall out. Bronwyn gives Annelize a warning about Lexi, while Eben is caught in an apartment.  
Tuesday 13 December 2016                      
(Episode 0132/2628)

Annelize doesn’t believe Eben, and Conrad asks Louis’s help with Pippa. Steve doesn’t think that Bronwyn should blame him for her problems. Naomi discovers something strange, and Ilse hears about the drama at Eikehof. Wilmien doesn’t think much of Deon’s idea, while Tim’s arrival is met with mixed reactions.      

Wednesday 14 December 2016                 
(Episode 0133/2629)

Deon and Wilmien make a shocking discovery, while Louis becomes suspicious when it comes to two people. Okkie confronts both Wimpie and Breggie, while Jana and Tertius are trying their hand at sleuthing.

Karli confronts Naomi about Tertius, and Annelize realises why she will never be a candidate for the board. Okkie is caught off guard by Naomi’s news, and Steve tries to find out exactly why Tim is in Pretoria.                
Thursday 15 December 2016                  
(Episode 0134/2630)

Wilmien is not impressed with news of the baby, and Tertius experiences turmoil concerning Nina. Lexi and Deon’s meeting is emotionally charged, while Bronwyn gives the man in her life a stern warning.

Eben wants a last chance with Annelize, while Pippa and Wilmien both ask Conrad for the same favour. Eben realises someone heard everything, and Naomi becomes more hopeful about the future.          

Friday 16 December 2016                      
(Episode 0135/2631)

Karli tests Tertius’s feelings, and Okkie invites everyone to a braai. Lexi has a reason to search for her, while Ilse talks to Okkie about his insensitivity. Annelize warns Wilmien, and Lexi disappears. Louis puts his foot in it, and Annelize gives Conrad perspective on the baby.      

Monday 19 December 2016                      
(Episode 0136/2632)

Naomi wonders whether Louis is right about Tertius and Karli, while Wilmien tells Conrad about her life in the orphanage.

Deon tries to retrace Lexi’s movements, and Naomi and Belinda have a falling out about Christmas Day. Eben tries to win someone’s trust, while Tim blames Deon for Lexi’s disappearance.              

Tuesday 20 December 2016                      
(Episode 0137/2633)

Tertius asks Naomi’s assistance with a gift, while Annelize tries to support Steve. Deon realises that things could be taken out of context if he isn’t careful - and is uncomfortable with what he learns about Tim. Steve and Tim are at loggerheads, and Naomi’s emotions get the upper hand. Steve’s suspicion of Deon is growing.                             

Wednesday 21 December 2016                  
(Episode 0138/2634)

Deon is a suspect in Lexi’s disappearance, while Louis surprises Naomi with his hidden talents. Lexi’s situation buys Eben some time, while someone realises how much money Tim has. Naomi feels guilty about Belinda, while Conrad can no longer deny Pippa’s words.

Thursday 22 December 2016                  
(Episode 0139/2635)

Okkie makes a surprising suggestion, and Wilmien sees right through Annelize. Steve wants Deon suspended, and Naomi doesn’t have a good reaction to Karli’s suggestion.

Jana has a difficult task at hand, while strategy brings two people even closer. Tim threatens a doctor, while Karli flees to avoid a situation. The Abrahams are contacted by the kidnappers.          

Friday 23 December 2016                     
(Episode 0140/2636)

Wilmien doesn’t think Pippa is ready for the baby to arrive, while Bronwyn and Steve try to understand the behaviour of the kidnappers. Pippa doesn’t know what to call her baby, and the meeting between Bronwyn and Deon is awkward. Herman saves Karli from an uncomfortable situation, while Tim gives Shane an order.     

Monday 26 December 2016                      
(Episode 0141/2637)

Belinda’s emotions get the better of her and she has an emotional outburst. Louis impresses Okkie more and more, and Deon doesn’t know how to channel his aggression. A Christmas present unlocks many emotions, while a discussion on a phone leads to shock, panic and a lot more tension.   

Tuesday 27 December 2016                      
(Episode 0142/2638)

Lexi is feeling down in the dumps, while Okkie feels hurt by knowing Belinda’s knowledge of Naomi’s life. Bronwyn is angry at Steve, and Wimpie doesn’t get a chance to correct his mistake.

Shane wants his money, and Deon doesn’t like Wilmien’s idea concerning the baby. Annelize finds Lexi’s keys, and Karli wants advice from Jana concerning matters of the heart.                             

Wednesday 28 December 2016                 
(Episode 0143/2639)

Annelize is looking for information on Lexi’s last day at Tonik from Ilse, while Steve wonders about Lexi’s internet searches. Ilse realises what Wimpie has done, and Pippa talks about Dirk and the cot. Okkie’s plan looks like it might just work, while Annelize realises that her suspicions are spot on.
Thursday 29 December 2016                 
(Episode 0144/2640)

Eben is not alone when he arrives at the farm house, and an embarrassed Pippa confesses that she doesn’t have a nursery yet. Annelize and Steve fall out about Eben and the diamonds, while Ilse talks sternly to Okkie about his plans. Steve wants to keep Bronwyn in the dark, while Annelize sees Tim in a new light.  

Friday 30 December 2016                      
(Episode 0145/2641)

Okkie makes excuses for Naomi to Louis, and Pippa decides on a name for her baby. Shane lies to Tim, and Lexi is shocked by Eben’s behaviour. Breggie wants to do more good deeds, while Naomi receives a lecture on men. Lexi is scared, and a social worker arrives at Binneland Clinic.

Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

Coming up on Binnelanders this January 2017:

Monday 2 January 2017                      
(Episode 0146/2642)

Pippa gets a nice surprise, and Tim doesn’t give Bronwyn a chance to explain herself. A second coffee shop in the oncology unit is a worrying (and hot!) topic, and Karli doesn’t know how to handle her emotions.

Deon shares a secret with Annelize, while Naomi and Louis cotton on to the reason behind the invitation to Nagskof.                        

Tuesday 3 January 2017                      
(Episode 0147/2643)

Deon is very stressed about Lexi, while Shane tells Lexi that Eben is dead. Ilse and Okkie don’t see eye to eye, and Tertius is extremely excited about Nina’s visit.

Steve is forced to tell Bronwyn the whole truth, while Jana obstructs At’s plans. Naomi isn’t shy about giving Okkie a piece of her mind.                                   

Wednesday 4 January 2017                      
(Episode 0148/2644)

Bronwyn wants answers from Annelize, while no one is aware of Louis’s big day. An unconscious criminal is admitted to ER - and Annelize is sure that Tim recognises him.

Lexi’s life is in danger, and Jana is completely honest with Okkie about Biskhoti. A certain doctor decides to confront Tim.                    
Thursday 5 January 2017                      
(Episode 0149/2645)

Bronwyn blames herself for everything that has gone wrong, while Tertius tries to deliver a message subtly. Shane overplays his hand, and Bronwyn feels lost.

Meanwhile, Ilse thinks her husband is going a bit too far with his plans. Both Tim and Tertius confront their problems, and Louis agrees to help Okkie. Lexi’s clue might be found too late…                
Friday 6 January 2017                      
(Episode 0150/2646)

Tertius upsets Karli by giving her advice on Nina, and the Abrahams are upset by Tim’s henchman. Annelize realises Lexi feels sorry for Eben, and Wimpie takes a chance at Tonik.

Naomi doesn’t want to get involved in Tertius’s dilemma, and James is not impressed with Tonik. Annelize forces a patient to keep quiet, while two women have it in for Tim.          

Monday 9 January 2017                      
(Episode 0151/2647)

Bronwyn shows exactly why she is a steel magnolia, and Tertius is beside himself over the state of his flat. Naomi poses the right questions to a doctor, while Louis tries his best to lift a nurse’s spirit.

Ilse’s past comes back to haunt her, and Danny arrives back in Pretoria. A patient is forced into an uncomfortable deal.     
Tuesday 10 January 2017                      
(Episode 0152/2648)

Deon is unsure about Bronwyn, and make-up is the cause of a huge fight. A family secret is shared, while At and Jana are working against each other. Okkie refuses to listen to good advice, and Steve uses strong words during a confrontation. A nurse only sees doom and gloom in her future.       

Wednesday 11 January 2017                      
(Episode 0153/2649)

Okkie will have to reconsider Ilse’s proposal, and a phone call upsets Jana. Markus is not impressed with Tertius, and Okkie feels he succeeded in his task. Secret agendas are on the cards for today, and it is time for Nina to go back to Daleen.
Thursday 12 January 2017                  
(Episode 0154/2650)

Karli opens up to Tertius, while Okkie doesn’t have time for trips down Memory Lane. Jana wonders why Markus came looking for Karli, and Ilse uses her feminine charms on James.

A documentary on Baby Eksteen catches Naomi off guard, while Louis tries to give Karli the hope that she so desperately needs. At invites Markus for dinner, and everyone is worried about Belinda’s behaviour.            

Friday 13 January 2017                     
(Episode 0155/2651)

At has ulterior motives for having a braai, and Belinda shares a secret with Tertius. Deon tries to convince Karli to face her father, while Wimpie tries to make up for his previous mistake. Okkie’s insensitive attitude doesn’t sit well with Ilse, and Naomi and Tertius are shocked by certain facts.      

Monday 16 January 2017                      
(Episode 0156/2652)

Resentments are the order of the day, and Ilse has had enough of Okkie's behaviour. Markus knows exactly how to handle Karli, and a bypass surgery seems to be the only solution to a medical problem. A passionate kiss in the Ferreira household could lead to big trouble, and it is clear that something is worrying Markus.            

Tuesday 17 January 2017                      
(Episode 0157/2653)

Okkie’s excuse and Ilse’s behaviour are both equally strange. Markus has an honest conversation with Karli, and Jana tries to give advice on a kiss. Belinda is really stubborn when it comes to Desire, while At decides to find out more about Markus. A beach house is a good enough reason to start a war.                              

Wednesday 18 January 2017                      
(Episode 0158/2654)

Ilse struggles to come clean, and Naomi meets her sister. Markus and Jana clearly don’t see eye to eye, while James is desperate to clear the air. Karli is not impressed with At and Jana, and Desire is a difficult one to read.  

Thursday 19 January 2017                  
(Episode 0159/2655)

Herman makes it very clear that his emotions won’t influence his decision, and At is unsure whether he should say anything about his findings on Markus. Tertius is impressed by Desire, but Desire and Belinda have a huge fight.

Jana encourages Ilse to say what needs to be said, and Markus and Herman’s conversation is not an easy one. Louis realises that something is wrong with Okkie, and Chantal arrives in Pretoria.           

Friday 20 January 2017                      
(Episode 0160/2656)

Desire’s move is met with a lot of crabbiness, and Markus won’t listen to Chantal’s advice. Conflict could derail a tender, while Karli is very unhappy with Jana.

Louis has a strange approach when he wants to help two people, and a confrontation at the nurse’s station opens up old wounds. A conversation with Karli gives Markus a new idea.  

Monday 23 January 2017                      
(Episode 0161/2657)

Conrad has sound advice for his father, while Jana is desperate for her son’s help. Belinda plays on Naomi’s feelings, and Louis decides to save Tonik.

Herman gives Markus an ultimatum, and Karli is not impressed with Tertius’s new friendship. Okkie tries to support Naomi, while Conrad has a trick up his sleeve with the Binnelanders shares.     

Tuesday 24 January 2017                      
(Episode 0162/2658)

At feels guilty about a choice he has to make, and Chantal tries to manipulate Markus even further. Okkie clears the air between him and Desire, while an interview upsets someone greatly. Naomi asks Louis’s advice, and Karli is shocked by Jana’s news - while it is very clear that there is no love lost between Karli and Chantal.                               

Wednesday 25 January 2017                      
(Episode 0163/2659)

Herman has a solution for Jana’s problem, while Annelize’s secretive behaviour has a surprising cause. Markus realises what Conrad is up to, and Desire’s emotional outburst stuns Naomi. Bronwyn is not sure about Pippa’s decision, and Jana confronts At about Markus’s news. Chantal gives Markus an ultimatum.  
Thursday 26 January 2017                  
(Episode 0164/2660)

Trust is an important ingredient in a relationship, while Conrad is unsure whether Pippa’s decision is the correct one. At shocks Conrad with his decision, while Okkie is furious about a decision that Naomi made.

A conversation about divorce escalates into a huge fight, and internal bleeding is a cause for great concern. Costas’s threats are forcing Markus into a corner.   

Friday 27 January 2017                      
(Episode 0165/2661)

Naomi and Okkie are still a bit uncomfortable with each other, and Conrad sees something suspicious on the CCTV footage. Karli makes another shocking discovery, while Belinda is rushed back to the OR. Wilmien’s words worsen Annelize’s foul mood, and the Kosters are on a definitive collision course with Markus.     

Monday 30 January 2017                      
(Episode 0166/2662)

At tries to find out more about Markus’s wife, and Tertius conveys a very important message to Naomi. Bronwyn and Steve have an honest conversation, while a will definitely means new problems. A cat and mouse game in a hotel room is not as innocent – or unplanned – as it seems.      

Tuesday 31 January 2017                      
(Episode 0167/2663)

Suppressed anger is never a good thing, and Markus is more than ready to take revenge. Jana’s flat could be the perfect solution to more than one person’s problem, while Karli and Herman are not seeing eye to eye where their father is concerned. The Binnelanders shares cause more than one serious outburst.                              

Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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