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#Binnelanders Binnelanders Teasers February - March 2017


Coming up on Binnelanders this February 2017:

Wednesday 1 February 2017                      
(Episode 0168/2664)

At and Jana’s argument has nothing to do with the agenda for the board meeting, and Tertius tries his best to get through to Herman. Steve is unsure about what he wants to do, while Pippa has her eye on a new home.

Naomi stuns Okkie and Ilse with her shocking news, and Conrad thinks he knows what Markus actually wants.                    
Thursday 2 February 2017                      
(Episode 0169/2665)

Naomi needs to make a very difficult decision, while Marcus is not going to be side tracked so easily. Bronwyn confronts Steve about an apartment, and Markus makes life extremely difficult for At.              
Friday 3 February 2017                      
(Episode 0170/2666)

Conrad has advice for At about Markus, and Annelize makes a decision about her future. Bronwyn tries to talk sense into Pippa, while Karli and Louis are worried about the Koster couple. Naomi’s decision provokes a reaction from Desire, and Markus’s day is filled with harsh words and warnings.       

Monday 6 February 2017                      
(Episode 0171/2667)

Okkie’s words about Naomi is a turning point for Desire, while things are getting out of hand between Markus and Chantal. Jana and Annelize come to an agreement, but not before Annelize makes a snide remark about Markus.

Desire tries to get Naomi to change her mind, while mixed emotions are a part of relocating. At meets with Rossouw, and Belinda’s reaction to Naomi’s decision is unexpected.
Tuesday 7 February 2017                      
(Episode 0172/2668)

Karli and Markus exchange harsh words about Chantal, while Chantal herself clearly doesn’t think before she speaks. Desire and Belinda make peace, and Pippa thinks she has found the perfect assistant for Jana. Naomi and Annelize get support when they need it most, and the truth can change everything in an instant.       

Wednesday 8 February 2017                      
(Episode 0173/2669)

It looks like it is a good news day for most of the Binnelanders, while Jana has to handle the bad news she hears about Markus. Broken trust is a difficult thing to fix, and Naomi’s nerves are shot before her interview. Pippa’s solo task becomes a group effort. 
Thursday 9 February 2017                      
(Episode 0174/2670)

Wimpie has bad news for Pippa, and Karli’s world is crumbling around her. Tertius’s questions about Valentine’s day remind Naomi how much life has changed. It becomes clear that Jana has a very strong will. Dooming evidence makes it hard to believe. Naomi’s birthday is a new problem, and Jana talks to At about Markus.
Friday 10 February 2017                      
(Episode 0175/2671)

Herman tries to prepare Jana for the media, and Noami makes a call about her birthday. At is not impressed with Markus, and Pippa feels unsettled in her new home. Karli talks to the men in her life about her father, and Okkie sees what Naomi said in her interview.      

Monday 13 February 2017                      
(Episode 0176/2672)

Markus realises that Jana is doubtful, and At tries to manipulate Jana. Conrad is cynical about Valentine’s Day, while Louis has big plans for Nagskof. Naomi gets a huge surprise, and Wilmien becomes an accidental eyewitness. There is more bad news awaiting Markus, while At gets a phone call from Rossouw.            

Tuesday 14 February 2017                  
(Episode 0177/2673)

Okkie spoils the women in his life on Valentine’s Day, while At informs Jana about his plan. Herman and Markus clash, and Naomi tries to find out what is going on between Tertius and Karli. Markus puts two and two together, and Jana spoils Okkie’s day. Louis tries to brighten up someone’s Valentine’s Day.                             

Wednesday 15 February 2017                  
(Episode 0178/2674)

An unexpected visitor during a meeting makes life very exciting, and Okkie is caught off guard by the reason behind the bad news. Louis is shocked to discover what Wilmien’s thinks, while Herman decides to do his own investigation. Deon urges a friend to admit the truth, and a Du Preez is admitted to the ER.

Thursday 16 February 2017                  
(Episode 0179/2675)

Okkie is worried about the future, while At feels guilty about Jana’s news. Tertius realises there is something new wrong with his patient, and Wilmien confronts her ‘Valentine’. Markus has it in for one of the Kosters, and the owner of Biskothi is not here to make friends.         

Friday 17 February 2017                  
(Episode 0180/2676)

Okkie’s new attitude is a relief for Ilse, while someone decides to get a gun. Louis tries to encourage a business man, and Markus confronts At. Rossouw is in trouble, and Jana’s worries worsen. The truth comes out just in time…

Monday 20 February 2017                      
(Episode 0181/2677)

Tertius discusses his patient’s weakened state with Conrad, while Okkie gets the fright of his life when something happens to Ilse and Naomi. Markus has a stern warning for Jana – and later doesn’t hold back when he has an honest conversation with At. Karli realises that Tertius is hiding something from them, and an HIV-test is a definite possibility.   

Tuesday 21 February 2017                      
(Episode 0182/2678)

Tertius’s openness gives Karli new hope, and Bea suggests immigration. Deon needs to advise a patient about ARVs, and Jana takes her frustration out on Markus. At and Conrad discuss their latest problem, and Okkie’s overprotectiveness gets the upper hand: Naomi is humiliated.                                

Wednesday 22 February 2017                  
(Episode 0183/2679)

At is not impressed with ProxMed, and Okkie tries to explain himself to Naomi. At challenges Conrad to prove his mettle, while Pippa talks to Ilse about their shared fear. Pippa introduces Drikus and Peter to the staff, and Markus offers an apology to a nurse. Okkie is over-cautious when it comes to safety, and At is worried about Herman. 
Thursday 23 February 2017              
(Episode 0184/2680)

Thandi’s presence makes Okkie uncomfortable, and there is a problematic scenario in the ER. Markus causes havoc at a board meeting, while Jana is overprotective of her son. Okkie is over his problems with the alarm, and Karli’s sympathy is misinterpreted by Drikus.

At asks Jana to help Conrad, while Tertius tries to ease communication with Herman. Conrad shows up unexpectedly at Pippa’s apartment. 

Friday 24 February 2017                  
(Episode 0185/2681)

Tertius jumps to his own conclusion about what he sees, and Ilse takes her mood out on Wilmien. Herman struggles to communicate his symptoms, and Karli has a weird way of ‘wording’ her emotions. Okkie thinks Ilse is overreacting with her comments, and Jana catches Markus in her office. Conrad tells Louis a very big secret.     

Monday 27 February 2017                  
(Episode 0186/2682)

Ilse doesn’t want to be home alone, and Herman struggles with his balance. Conrad is frustrated with Jana and At’s attitude, and an existing love triangle could have a new player. Bea gives Okkie an earful about Ilse, while Louis knows just what to say to give someone new inspiration.

Herman hates being helpless, and Tertius is caught off guard by Karli’s reaction to Drikus’s visit. Celebrations are cut short by a possible intruder.    

Tuesday 28 February 2017                      
(Episode 0187/2683)

Ilse can’t fight the tears anymore, while Louis offers a friend tips on flirting. Karli talks about her frustration with Tertius, and Okkie is not impressed with Bea.

Tertius is not impressed by Karli’s actions, and Bronwyn talks to Pippa about her handling of emotions. Herman has a long road to full recovery ahead of him. An uncomfortable evening leads to endless frustration…                        

Coming up on Binnelanders this March 2017:

Wednesday 1 March 2017                    
(Episode 0188/2684)

Karli refuses to hear what Tertius is telling her, and Ilse asks Okkie to consider emigration. Louis and Conrad have a huge difference in opinion, while Herman suspects something might be wrong with his hearing. Bronwyn reads Pippa the riot act, and a kiss and a ring makes the night even more interesting.  
Thursday 2 March 2017                      
(Episode 0189/2685)

Tertius is the knight in shining armour, and Ilse has big plans for Canada. Herman is discharged - but isn’t quite ready for At Koster - while Karli is unsure about her feelings. Wimpie’s opinion leaves Okkie with a difficult choice and Peter and Pippa talk about the baby.                 
Friday 3 March 2017                          
(Episode 0190/2686)

Okkie’s biggest fear has nothing to do with South Africa, and Pippa realises that someone tampered with her computer.

Tertius realises too late with whom he will have to spend the night, while Jana and Karli are worried about Herman. Breggie’s words remind Okkie that marriage is a serious business, and Conrad and Tertius show their true colours.           

Monday 6 March 2017                      
(Episode 0191/2687)

Okkie makes a decision, and Herman doesn’t feel at home in the Koster Mansion. Pippa’s imagination runs away with her, while Louis can’t keep his mouth shut. Bronwyn is shocked by Pippa’s theory, and Drikus gets some of his own medicine.    
Tuesday 7 March 2017                        
(Episode 0192/2688)

Herman gives it to Tertius and Karli straight, while Conrad’s big night might have some competition. Louis hints but he isn't heard, and Naomi feels guilty about her invitation.

Herman refuses Annelize’s help, while Peter’s answers frustrate Pippa. There is clearly tension between Naomi and Ilse, and Karli tries to figure out if Tertius’s jealousy means anything.           

Wednesday 8 March 2017                      
(Episode 0193/2689)

Naomi is worried when she realises how serious Ilse is, and Pippa isn't ready to play open cards. Bronwyn discusses a theory with Conrad, while Annelize confronts Herman with the truth.

Naomi finds an ally in Wimpie, and Karli tries to save the situation with Drikus. A huge fallout between Conrad and Peter causes Pippa to chase people out of her house.       
Thursday 9 March 2017                      
(Episode 0194/2690)

Louis tries to support Conrad with good advice, while a house valuation might upset a few people. Karli tests a truth, and Naomi opens her heart towards Tertius.

Bronwyn realises the reality is a lot more serious than they thought, while Ilse realises where Okkie’s heart is. A steamy kiss and a private investigator will complicate life a little bit more.   
Friday 10 March 2017                          
(Episode 0195/2691)

A meeting ends with a strange visitor, while an uncomfortable situation doesn’t breed any contempt. Tertius feels awful about his decision - while a cold shoulder catches Karli off guard.

Herman talks to Jana about his fears, and Louis is more than willing to play the knight in shining armour. An emotional farewell takes place in the Ferreira household.         


Monday 13 March 2017                    
(Episode 0196/2692)

Pippa is looking for answers, and Tertius has had enough of the game. Conrad is not ready to give up, while Naomi is greeted with guilty looks.

Herman informs Jana of his decision, and Peter, motivated by disappointment, gives Pippa a warning. A big disappointment awaits more than one beloved Binnelander.               

Tuesday 14 March 2017                      
(Episode 0197/2693)

Tertius confronts Karli about Herman, and Naomi decides to apply for a promotion. Pippa doesn’t trust anyone anymore, while Jana has had enough of Herman’s behaviour.

Peter and Drikus are concerned about Pippa, while Naomi has had enough of her friends so called ‘concern’. Conrad’s good intention leads to a discovery.                                

Wednesday 15 March 2017                      
(Episode 0198/2694)

Bronwyn wonders whether the theory could be true, and Karli surprises Tertius with an announcement. At pressures Conrad for answers about Rian, while Naomi confronts Jana.

Okkie and Naomi have a serious discussion about emigration, and Conrad asks Louis a very big favour. Herman reads Tertius the riot act, and Rian is unmasked.  

Thursday 16 March 2017                    
(Episode 0199/2695)

Louis works harder at Tonik than he expected, and Jana keeps the reason for Karli’s lengthy visit to herself. Pippa and Conrad get support from unexpected sources, while Herman talks to his sister about matters of the heart. Naomi has to play the go to girl, and Pippa is desperate for a meeting.             

Friday 17 March 2017                          
(Episode 0200/2696)

At and Louis realise what is going on, and Pippa decides to flee to her father’s farm. Louis confronts Naomi about Canada, and Annelize has her doubts about a new relationship. Wimpie has big plans for Tonik, while a meeting leads to a life changing event.  

Monday 20 March 2017                      
(Episode 0201/2697)

Conrad saves the day, but it comes with a price. Karli is angry at Jana for listening to At. Naomi is panicking about the interview, while Jana and Tertius have an uncomfortable discussion in a hospital corridor.

Bronwyn tells Conrad about Pippa’s plan, and Tertius is confused by Karli’s behaviour. Conrad makes a decision about his future with Pippa.      

Tuesday 21 March 2017                      
(Episode 0202/2698)

Okkie and Ilse are back from Canada – and it is clear that there are a few uncomfortable discussions that lie ahead. Tertius is tired of everyone’s advice and warnings, and Dirk arrives in Pretoria.

Naomi explains to Tertius what is going on with Karli, and Dirk tries to convince Pippa about a new life. Two confrontations put Conrad on the war path, and Wilmien is a soft target.                                   

Wednesday 22 March 2017                      
(Episode 0203/2699)

Ilse is worried about Naomi, and Tertius sides with Conrad against Annelize. Annelize is jealous of an opportunity that Steve gets, and At berates Conrad about his behaviour. Ilse is nostalgic, and At and Dirk have an awkward conversation. Conrad’s heroic deed gets a lot of unwanted attention.    
Thursday 23 March 2017                      
(Episode 0204/2700)

Dirk is worried about Pippa and is looking for advice, while Annelize tries to find out what the connection is between Conrad and Elana. Thandi hears about the emigration, while Wilmien is completely disillusioned.

It is not just the Ferreira’s that have plans to leave Pretoria, and crying turns a surprise into a flop. Jana has a plan with Conrad, and Elana wants nothing to do with a certain doctor.     

Friday 24 March 2017                          
(Episode 0205/2701)

Annelize discovers who Elana is, and Pippa believes she is living her worst nightmare. Tertius confronts Naomi about Canada, and Thandi tells Ilse about an interesting class.

Conrad is unsure about At’s offer, and Louis makes things worse for Wilmien. Bronwyn thinks she might have a plan for Pippa, while Karli tests Tertius continuously. Elana makes a call from a nurse’s phone…      

Monday 27 March 2017                      
(Episode 0206/2702)

Annelize shares her dream with Steve, and Ilse is shocked to hear what happened to Thandi. Pippa gets unasked for advice, while Elana voices her opinion of Conrad. Karli has a plan for Tertius, and Conrad realises what Elana has been up to.     

Tuesday 28 March 2017                      
(Episode 0207/2703)

Okkie is in two minds about Thandi’s offer, and Steve gets angry with Annelize. A blood test, a romantic dinner, and a busy schedule are subjects of conversation in the corridors, while Jana tells At about Annelize. Conrad tries to make peace with Elana, and Pippa reaches breaking point.  

Wednesday 29 March 2017                      
(Episode 0208/2704)

At’s patience with Conrad is wearing thin and Tertius tries to support Pippa. Ilse is in two minds about Okkie’s decision, while Conrad explains his dilemma to Louis. Karli talks out of turn, and Annelize is not going to be distracted easily. Elana asks Conrad’s assistance with a patient.   
Thursday 30 March 2017                      
(Episode 0209/2705)

Annelize tries her best to get Steve to see her side of the story, while Naomi’s reaction is not what Ilse and Okkie expected. Karli feels she must impress Tertius, while Jana realises that Conrad didn’t tell her about Elana. At confronts Conrad about Elana, and Tertius realises Pippa is counting on his visit. Conrad asks Steve’s help.

Friday 31 March 2017                          
(Episode 0210/2706)

Ilse is determined to start afresh, while Steve lies to Annelize about his whereabouts. Naomi discovers whose grocery shopping Tertius is doing, and Wimpie is not amused with the construction noises near Eikehof. Elana’s world crumbles because of something that Fynn does, while Steve’s lie is exposed.       

Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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