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#Binnelanders Binnelanders Teasers October - November 2016 Episodes

Binnelanders Teasers September 2016 Episodes – Upcoming ‘kykNET’s soapie drama ‘Binnelanders’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for July 2016.
So, what will happen this July on “Binnelanders”?

Coming up on Binnelanders in October 2016:

Monday 3 October 2016                      
Episode 0081/2577

Louis feels he has something to prove, while Okkie confronts Naomi about her secret meeting with Belinda. Adventure seems to be lacking in Venice, and Marissa puts her foot firmly down with Annelize. Naomi tries really hard to make an emotional connection, and a desperate plea reaches Ilse.  

Tuesday 4 October 2016                        
Episode 0082/2578

Relaxation comes with time - as well as conversations about previous relationships and wrong choices. Okkie tries his best to do the right thing, while Annelize feels humiliated when she questions an appointment. Wilmien has to listen to Karli bemoan her fate, while Naomi questions all her relationships.        
Wednesday 5 October 2016                      
Episode 0083/2579

A conversation leaves Marissa cold, and an uncomfortable conversation after the previous night’s dinner ensues. Liam is admitted to hospital - and then the heartbreak unfolds.

A night at the opera might just be what the doctor ordered, while Boeta’s reaction doesn’t sit well with Okkie. Pippa is worried about Annelize and Marissa, but Naomi feels she doesn’t fit in anywhere. Peace is made but Jana is left speechless…            

Thursday 6 October 2016                      
Episode 0084/2580

Okkie resents Ilse’s support, while Louis explains his plan to Deon. Marissa is not happy with Annelize’s findings, and Tertius and Karli’s reactions speak volumes about an entrepreneur’s business acumen.

Steve has a plan for Nagskof, while Naomi shares big news with Okkie. Marissa opens up towards Annelize, and Naomi gets support from an unlikely source.            
Friday 7 October 2016                      
Episode 0085/2581

Annelize is unsure about the path ahead where Liam is concerned, while Deon is unsure about a dartboard. Karli thinks Annelize is heartless, while the news about Belinda spreads.

An ex and answers make a doctor feel trapped, and another doctor explains the invasive procedure that could eliminate a possible sickness. Naomi is unsure about Desiré, while good news is celebrated with an unexpected kiss.    

Monday 10 October 2016                      
Episode 0086/2582

Annelize takes her frustration out on Wilmien, while Naomi doesn’t trust the peace. Pippa voices her concerns about Tertius, and Ilse gives Belinda a warning.

Breggie’s story makes Annelize see things differently, while Steve and Deon have a surprise for Louis. Tertius tries to rectify things with Marissa, and a good laugh leads to ‘tragedy’ in Nagskof.                       

Tuesday 11 October 2016                      
Episode 0087/2583

Annelize explains her suspicions to Naomi, while bad news is shared in Tonik. Pippa is going to report a certain doctor, and Marissa finds out about Annelize’s history. Belinda has a strategy for the future, while Annelize looks to Conrad for support.                            

Wednesday 12 October 2016                      
Episode 0088/2584

Wilmien thinks she should move out, while Naomi is worried about Annelize’s behaviour. Louis finds out more about Conrad and Pippa’s history, while Conrad places Wilmien in an uncomfortable situation.

Tertius hears about Annelize’s accusations, and Karli challenges Wilmien about a doctor’s behaviour. Louis is talked into something and Conrad’s suspicions lead him to take action.                
Thursday 13 October 2016                      
Episode 0089/2585

Conrad spells out the danger of what they are busy with, while Marissa needs a place to stay. Wilmien stands her ground, and Wimpie and Deon challenge each other. A doctor opens up about his feelings, while Liam gets a new doctor. A mother is a master manipulator.       
Friday 14 October 2016                      
Episode 0090/2586

Wilmien is caught off guard, while a teddy bear could provide some answers. Karli’s complaints surprise Louis, while Pippa asks Bronwyn for a favour. Naomi is aware that Marissa is not herself, and Wimpie tries to convince Okkie to join the league.

Flowers cause a misunderstanding, while ‘attractive’ makes it even worse. Karli walks in on a very strange scenario.    

Monday 17 October 2016                      
Episode 0091/2587

Pippa dissects her feelings, while Tertius explains to Annelize what is going on with Liam. Annelize is frustrated with her situation, and Pippa makes things very clear to Conrad. The Ferreiras might have a new tenant, while a conversation between Bronwyn and Steve is clearly not about them. Karli insists on an injection.                   

Tuesday 18 October 2016                      
Episode 0092/2588

Wilmien is sure that Conrad is not interested in her, and Ilse asks Okkie to remember team spirit at the end of the day. Naomi and Annelize argue about Annelize’s attitude, and Pippa informs Bronwyn about two people’s history. Conrad longs for simpler days, while a patient is in distress. Marissa is put in her place.    

Wednesday 19 October 2016                      
Episode 0093/2589

Naomi tries to convince Annelize to stop spying, while Bronwyn has news for Marissa about Liam. A teddy bear lands in the wrong hands and could lead to big trouble, and Pippa explains to Wilmien why a doctor behaved in a certain way.

Okkie doesn’t understand Naomi’s behaviour, while Ilse wants to warn the young ones about hidden talents. Bronwyn witnesses something that she probably shouldn’t have.            
Thursday 20 October 2016                      
Episode 0094/2590

A conversation gives Conrad new insights, while Bronwyn wants to get to the bottom of things. Pippa gives a nurse a warning, and Karli is given a strange task. Louis is witness to an uncomfortable interaction, while Annelize pleads desperately with Bronwyn. A father could hold the answers to many inexplicable problems.     

Friday 21 October 2016                      
Episode 0095/2591

Marissa is put to the test, and Pippa doesn’t agree with Conrad’s choice. Annelize thinks she knows what they should do next, while Noami will have to think fast if she doesn’t want to get into trouble. Bronwyn tries to distract her friend, and Jana is back from overseas.

Monday 24 October 2016                      
Episode 0096/2592

At gets an interesting welcome on his return from Venice. Bronwyn experiences Marissa’s manipulation first hand, while Conrad and Louis make peace. Naomi realises what is really going on, and Conrad makes a decision about a nurse. Annelize asks Bronwyn to stay away from Marissa – but asks Naomi to get her hands on an injection.        

Tuesday 25 October 2016                      
Episode 0097/2593

At wants to get rid of Louis, while Marissa’s past catches up with her. There is an awkwardness between Wilmien and Pippa, as well as At and Jana. Annelize and Bronwyn try to make sense of the information that they got from Medi-Tech, and Karli sees her mother is still stressed. A very passionate kiss could defuse a tense situation, while Bronwyn has very encouraging news for Marissa.                        

Wednesday 26 October 2016                      
Episode 0098/2594

Conrad tries to warn Tertius against Marissa, while Ilse asks Jana about her holiday. Marissa insists on an invasive operation for Liam, and Wilmien’s head is in the clouds. Liam shocks Tertius, and a new pairing has the tongues wagging. At takes control of a situation, and Tertius voices his concerns towards Annelize. 

Thursday 27 October 2016                      
Episode 0099/2595

Conrad expects At to be honest with him, while Ilse has a very hard talk with Wilmien. Annelize disappears – but arrives with answers. Jana opens up to Ilse, while Wilmien is intimidated by the Koster Mansion, and Karli is apparently not Karli.        

Friday 28 October 2016                      
Episode 0100/2596

It is not just Karli that is in mortal danger. Louis thinks that Conrad should put his ghosts to rest while Wilmien is unsure about matters of the heart. At fears the future that he sees as his future and Pippa is placed in an uncomfortable situation. Jana is panic stricken while Annelize’s distress turns into rage. 

Monday 31 October 2016                      
Episode 0101/2597

Ryno tells Jana and At everything about Marissa, and Wilmien thinks Conrad has forgotten their date. Liebenberg can’t believe what Annelize has done, and both Steve and Bronwyn find themselves in a strange situation.

Two doctors will have to do everything in their power to save Karli’s life. Naomi blames herself for the mess, while Jana is inconsolable.     

Coming up on Binnelanders this November 2016:

Tuesday 1 November 2016   
Episode 0102/2598

Both Pippa and Tertius blame themselves for the current situation, and At does his best to make life easier for everyone. Bronwyn’s head is not where it should be, and Conrad owes Wilmien an apology - while Wilmien is unsure whether or not to tell anyone about her experience.        
Wednesday 2 November 2016                      
Episode 0103/2599

At’s news gets a variety of reactions, while guilt and worry is to be found everywhere in the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Tertius struggles to get away, and Louis speaks out of turn.

Bronwyn realises she missed something, while Breggie and Annelize are worried about each other. There is an influx of flu cases at the hospital, and At shocks Jana with an announcement.              

Thursday 3 November 2016                  
Episode 0104/2600

Conrad is called out to the hospital on the big day, while Annelize thinks everything, except Breggie, is under control. Gert-Johan Coetzee saves Jana from a perplexing situation, while Louis doesn’t have to be asked twice to come to the rescue. Wilmien realises where Conrad’s priorities are, while he realises what is worrying Pippa.             
Friday 4 November 2016                      
Episode 0105/2601

Wimpie and Ilse don't feel assured by Tertius’s professional opinion, while new relationships are a welcome challenge for Karli. At Amoret, the Binnelanders are deeply shocked by an announcement, Wilmien realises what At really thinks about Pippa.

Okkie and Ilse are worried about Ivanka, while Annelize and Tertius have to think on their feet when it comes to an influx of new patients. Conrad is tired of the party, while Breggie’s condition worsens.   

Monday 7 November 2016                      
Episode 0106/2602

Louis serves awkwardness for breakfast, while it becomes increasingly difficult for the ER doctors to keep control of patients. Wimpie puts Jana in a very uncomfortable situation, and Deon and Steve are asked for assistance.

Wilmien is honest about how she feels, while an amniocentesis could provide answers. Annelize ignores protocol, and Bronwyn is worried about Steve.                        

Tuesday 8 November 2016                      
Episode 0107/2603

Tertius is worried about the staff - and then Annelize gets worried about symptoms. Jana realises Karli is wary of the Koster Mansion, and Bronwyn asks Steve for a favour. Karli absolves a guilty conscience, while Wilmien is looking for answers from Conrad. It looks like the tables are turned on a doctor.                              

Wednesday 9 November 2016                      
Episode 0108/2604

Jana is not your typical housewife, while long hours and frustrations are taking their toll. Pippa keeps Bronwyn in the dark, while Ilse and Louis take note of a doctor’s time expenditure.

Jana is caught off guard by an honest conversation with Louis, while Steve receives an emergency call. Everyone is in a flurry when one of their own turns into a patient.                  
Thursday 10 November 2016                  
Episode 0109/2605

Jana is hurt by Karli’s behaviour, and patience has never been one of Annelize’s strong points. Bronwyn puts her foot down, while Karli feels Tertius has left her in the lurch. Wimpie is worried about Breggie, while an answer doesn’t always mean a solution - or that it might hold less danger. Stress could derail forced teamwork.           
Friday 11 November 2016                      
Episode 0110/2586

Wimpie’s answer doesn’t make Karli feel any better, while Wilmien is playing second fiddle. Tertius is not impressed with Jana, while Bronwyn has information about Xalpharm. At cuts through the chase when he meets Altus Brink, and then the truth about Acesotrix comes to light. Jana cries on a strange shoulder.       

Monday 14 November 2016                      
Episode 0111/2607

Karli gets bad news, and Louis is worried about Conrad and Wilmien. At sees ‘n business opportunity, while Bronwyn receives support from a not to unfamiliar source.

Naomi realises to what extent Conrad is supporting Pippa, while Breggie collapses. Bronwyn wants a divorce, and Annelize pleads with At to get the medicine at all cost.                      

Tuesday 15 November 2016                      
Episode 0112/2608

Wilmien feels guilty about her jealousy, while Annelize and Wilmien don’t shy away from their truths. Karli feels she is a point of discussion, while ‘redundancy’ and ‘divorce’ are two words that cut very deep. Tertius insists on medication for Thusanang, while Deon is a knight in a white coat…    

Wednesday 16 November 2016                  
Episode 0113/2609

Tertius has good advice for Karli, while Pippa feels responsible for a decision. Deon asks Breggie’s permission for his next move, while Conrad is not to be a point of discussion.

Altus encourages At to invest in Xalpharm, and a snippet of news puts Louis in seventh heaven. Annelize gives Steve advice on his private life.             
Thursday 17 November 2016                  
Episode 0114/2610

Steve and Bronwyn comes to the same conclusion, while Tertius takes Wimpie on about the builders. Louis tries his best to impress Karli, and Annelize makes her feelings very clear. Ilse has a sly plan to get rid of a nuisance, while Deon shares big news with Bronwyn.      

Friday 18 November 2016                      
Episode 0115/2611

Tension is seated at the breakfast table, and Steve is relieved that he doesn’t have to hide his feelings anymore. Bronwyn and Deon realise that they need more answers, while Naomi warns Tertius about Karli.

Someone’s work enrages her more than her private life, and AT makes sure that Altus knows who is in charge. Okkie wonders if he should tell Ilse about Wimpie’s ambitions. 

Monday 21 November 2016                      
Episode 0116/2612

At thinks Karli is very weird, while Bronwyn and Deon discuss the future. Ilse is not impressed with Wimpie’s wheelings and dealings, while At keeps Jana in the dark about his plans.

Jana wants needs evidence to believe in a theory, while longing can disrupt a work day. Annelize chases her dreams very aggressively, while a theory could have a significant influence on a potential profit.          

Tuesday 22 November 2016                      
Episode 0117/2613

Someone else shares Wimpie’s ambition, while Jana is not impressed with At’s comments. Pippa is worried about Bronwyn’s motives, and habits at home are subtly addressed. Longing is a two way street, while Deon contacts an acquaintance to find out more about Xalpharm’s history. Tertius finds himself in a difficult situation at the Koster Mansion, and Deon tries to comfort Bronwyn.                          

Wednesday 23 November 2016                  
Episode 0118/2614

Conrad is irritated with the full house, and Wimpie tells Okkie about the new developments in his life. Deon thinks he has a brilliant plan, while Annelize decides to help Breggie.

Steve confronts Bronwyn about Xalpharm, and it is very clear that Louis is not going to be thrown of course easily. Altus threatens Bronwyn very subtly…

Thursday 24 November 2016                  
Episode 0119/2615

Conrad confronts Karli about the work that she doesn’t know, while Ilse takes Wimpie on about his campaign. Bronwyn finds herself in a very troublesome situation, while Karli makes a suggestion about Christmas.

Steve and Bronwyn argue about boundaries, while Breggie and Wimpie have a huge falling out. Playing open cards is not as easy as it seems, and another confrontation ends in a very passionate kiss.       

Friday 25 November 2016                      
Episode 0120/2616

Tertius doesn’t buy Louis’s front, and Wimpie knows exactly where his weaknesses are. At is very suspicious about Altus, while a written warning is very unexpected.

Conrad asks his father to trust his instincts, and an impatient Jana is asked for help. Okkie don’t understand the necessity of a debat, while Tertius asks Karli a huge favour. An SMS throws more oil on the fire.   

Monday 28 November 2016                      
Episode 0121/2617

Bronwyn takes Pippa in her confidence, while Karli gets tongue-tied in front of Pippa. Wilmien invites Deon for a drink, while Deon and Bronwyn are acting weird towards each other.

Louis avoids Karli, while Jana and Ilse plan a very special tea. Bronwyn makes a breakthrough, while Karli’s harsh words fall on innocent ears. Conrad asks At to be the clever one in the game, and Wimpie formulates a plan to outsmart Breggie.

Tuesday 29 November 2016                      
Episode 0122/2618

Conrad wants to cheer himself and Louis up, while Okkie finds Wimpie’s behaviour weird. Bronwyn admits that she is scared, while Ilse wants to move the debate to Tonik.

Bert agrees to meet Bronwyn and Deon, while Steve realises he and Bronwyn will have to tell Lexi about the divorce. A phone call clears up the confusion.                           

Wednesday 30 November 2016                  
Episode 0123/2619

Annelize is jealous of Steve’s involvement in Lexi’s life, while Karli gives Louis a reason to go hunting. Deon meets a very sick Bert, while At is unravelling Xalpharm’s secrets.

No one is more fed-up about the situation at Eikehof than Breggie, and Altus gives the go ahead to protect the secrets at all cost. 

Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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