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#Binnelanders Binnelanders Teasers April 2017 (kykNET)


Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

Coming up on Binnelanders this April 2017:

Monday 3 April 2017                        
(Episode 0211/2707)

Annelize’s accusations make Bronwyn restless, while Karli is worried about her and Tertius’s relationship. Wimpie lands up in ER, and Fynn has bad news for Elana. Conrad tries to mend a fence, while At is up to his old tricks.   

Tuesday 4 April 2017                          
(Episode 0212/2708)

Elana is taken captive, and Deon thinks there is something seriously wrong with Wimpie. Bronwyn is caught in a very uncomfortable situation, while Conrad doesn’t have good news for At.

A kiss makes things very uncomfortable, while Wimpie milks his current situation. It is clear who Fynn’s target is, and Karli is spitting fire.             

Wednesday 5 April 2017                    
(Episode 0213/2709)

Elana gives a clear indication of their predicament to her co-captive, and a crystal clear memory is reason for suspicion. Bronwyn thinks she knows what the reason for an absence is, and Pippa has to hear more than one confession. There is more than just romance on the menu for one couple.       

Thursday 6 April 2017                      
(Episode 0214/2710)

Photos make a woman feel very unsure about the current situation, and Bronwyn and Annelize need to have an uncomfortable conversation about Steve.

Conrad is ready to leave Pretoria, and Pippa realises what she is doing to the people around her. Lexi tries to convince Bronwyn that something is wrong with Steve, while Steve is punished for his actions. Deon can’t come to grips with Wimpie’s symptoms.   

Friday 7 April 2017                        
(Episode 0215/2711)

Karli is worried about Pippa, while Bronwyn and Annelize experience very different emotions about Steve. Conrad receives an urgent message from Elana, and Wimpie receives shocking news. Markus disappoints Karli, and At shares his news about Annelize with Jana.          


Monday 10 April 2017                      
(Episode 0216/2712)

Teamwork could save the day – but it could also mean death. Wimpie doesn’t know how to handle his news, while Karli defends her behaviour towards Naomi.

At realises something is wrong with his staff, and Pippa is angry at Tertius. Naomi’s worries are taken the wrong way, while Steve has a plan to buy more time.                 

Tuesday 11 April 2017                          
(Episode 0217/2713)

Naomi tries to influence Wimpie’s decision, and Fynn makes it clear to Steve that he needs to stick to the deadline. Jana encourages Pippa to get on with her life, while Annelize takes her frustrations out on Deon.

Wilmien thinks Elana might be the key to the riddle, and Alex fails to make a positive first impression. Things don’t look good for a patient on the operating table…                               

Wednesday 12 April 2017                      
(Episode 0218/2714)

Alex has preconceived ideas about Pippa, while Jana has very important news to share. At shares his findings with Bronwyn and Annelize, and Okkie shares bad news with Breggie.

Steve needs more supplies, but Pippa has a new dilemma to face. Conrad grabs an opportunity, but someone gets hurt in the process. Lifesavers are not always knights in shining armour!   

Thursday 13 April 2017                      
(Episode 0219/2715)

Despite a shared concern, At is not planning on treating Annelize like an equal. Steve decides against his escape plan, and Karli is impressed with Alex. Bronwyn is not as strong as she pretends to be, and Elana thinks the operation is a bad idea.               

Friday 14 April 2017                          
(Episode 0220/2716)

Alex’s advice causes Pippa to bite her tongue, and a patient uses their sick bed to full advantage. Wilmien confronts Louis about Conrad, while speedy action is needed to stop Fynn from discovering the truth. Pippa finds out more about Alex’s love life, and Annelize realises where Steve is.     


Monday 17 April 2017                      
(Episode 0221/2717)

Wimpie is difficult, and Annelize realises she will always come second. At shares advice concerning Elana, while Bronwyn is amused by Pippa’s behaviour. An interview is done under pressure, and Okkie decides to come to his wife’s rescue.

Wilmien is disappointed by a doctor, and Steve is not impressed with Conrad. A telephone conversation leads to unexpected intimacy, and Conrad protects Elana as much as he can.       

Tuesday 18 April 2017                          
(Episode 0222/2718)

Alex pays Pippa a visit, and the Ferreira household is disrupted by a guest. Jana puts her foot down about the management of the Oncology unit - and At wants to make one last ditch effort to save the situation.

Deon is given more responsibilities at the practise - and receives a very strange e-mail. Steve’s life gets complicated, while Tertius is worried about Alex. Bad news could disrupt a good relationship.                                    

Wednesday 19 April 2017                      
(Episode 0223/2719)

Annelize is not impressed by Conrad, and Pippa realises the reason for Alex’s tension. Steve talks to Bronwyn about his fears, and Jana comes to the wrong conclusion about what she witnesses.

Louis is determined to investigate craft beer, while Conrad manages to impress Ivan Jones. Alex is vulnerable in front of Pippa, and a very sick patient has a huge impact on visitors. Annelize has no one to share her feelings with.     

Thursday 20 April 2017                    
(Episode 0224/2720)

Deon’s hangover causes problems for him, and it is very clear that Steve doesn’t need Annelize. Joyce and Rob receive bad news, while Alex pitches up way too early for an overnight session.

Louis doesn’t get the support he wants for his plans, and Pippa is relieved by Nicci’s behaviour. Bronwyn realises what Joyce is looking for.     

Friday 21 April 2017                        
(Episode 0225/2721)

Annelize makes things difficult for Steve after the previous night, and there is no point in Okkie telling the truth. Joyce wants to take Rob home, and Alex and Pippa grow closer to each other. Annelize takes her frustrations out on Conrad, while Naomi doesn’t react the way Louis and Deon expect.

Rob’s pain becomes Annelize’s downfall - and At gives Conrad advice about dealing with Annelize. Okkie and Ilse’s kitchen is hijacked, and Joyce takes her anger out on Bronwyn.       


Monday 24 April 2017                      
(Episode 0226/2722)

Okkie and Ilse are not impressed with their kitchen, and Annelize tries to keep things professional with Steve. Alex doesn’t say anything about Nicci, and Joyce’s anger knows no bounds.

Naomi delivers a strange letter to Deon, and Wilmien struggles to stay objective. Joyce develops a newfound respect for Conrad, and Karli interrupts an intimate moment. Rob pleads with Joyce to admit defeat.       

Tuesday 25 April 2017                          
(Episode 0227/2723)

Conrad knows that Joyce’s request will cause more conflict between him and Annelize, and Naomi has advice for Deon about his letter. Pippa tries to avoid an uncomfortable situation, while Joyce’s new request to Conrad is cause for great concern.

Wednesday 26 April 2017                      
(Episode 0228/2724)

Bronwyn realises what Joyce’s plan is, and Annelize and Wilmien overhear something they shouldn’t. Jana is worried about Karli, while it seems there is more to Deon’s letter than he realises.

Things get uncomfortable in Pippa’s flat, and Joyce calls the Abrahams to the hospital. Ilse puts her foot down firmly with Louis and Deon’s plans.    

Thursday 27 April 2017                      
(Episode 0229/2725)

Steve doesn’t want to hear anything from Annelize, and Tertius is taken aback when it is clear that Karli knows more about Pippa’s personal life than he does.

Louis decides to investigate Deon’s letter, while a necessary question leads to a very passionate kiss. Naomi needs to share bad news with Tertius, and Jana talks to Karli about her relationship.   

Friday 28 April 2017                          
(Episode 0230/2726)

Morphine places everyone under suspicion, and Karli talks to Tertius about Jana. Naomi helps Louis with his investigation, while At is not impressed with Annelize. Alex and Conrad meet for the first time, while Pippa has an honest conversation with Alex.

Steve realises who is in Annelize’s line of fire, and Deon and Naomi don’t think much of Louis’s plan. Annelize and Tertius give Wilmien different pieces of advice.   


Binnelanders is on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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