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#Binnelanders Binnelanders Teasers October - November 2017 (kykNET)

Binnelanders Teasers October 2017 – Upcoming kykNET drama series ‘Binnelanders’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for October 2017. 

Coming up on Binnelanders this October 2017:

Monday 2 October 2017                      
Episode 081/2837

Delia uses her position to help Conrad, while an honest discussion in the Abrahams household leads to loads of conflict. Ferdi is not impressed with Karli, especially when he and Naomi began to talk about their future.

Elana’s warning leads to a confidential conversation between Conrad and Quinton, which upsets Annelize tremendously.                        

Tuesday 3 October 2017                      
Episode 082/2838

An article leads to At asking uncomfortable questions, while Annelize is eager to throw Elana under the bus. Conrad begins his campaign, and it becomes very clear that Karli and Naomi’s tastes differ.

The tension in the Abrahams household causes someone to pack their bags, while At is enraged by talks of privatization. Annelize gets suspicious of Conrad and Delia.                                                            

Wednesday 4 October 2017                      
Episode 083/2839

Steve feels powerless when it comes to Damien, and Ferdi confronts Karli. Delia explains the next step in the plan to everyone involved, while a journalist gets more than a crime story in At’s office.

Karli puts up a front with Jana about Tertius after a conversation with Naomi. Peter and Noami get unexpected news, while Chloe’s news forces Lexi to take action. Quinton discovers a big problem in the ER.                  

Thursday 5 October 2017                      
Episode 084/2840

Lexi makes plans to meet up with Damien, while Elana suspects she is being followed. Tension rises between the board members, and it becomes clear that At can’t count on anyone in his corner.

A confrontation between Naomi and Karli leads to an honest acknowledgement, and Conrad requests a board meeting. Total chaos reigns in the ER, and Quinton’s chatter makes Elana anxious.                        

Friday 6 October 2017                      
Episode 085/2841

Steve and Damien try to find a midway, while Ferdi gives Naomi advice about her friends. Tertius is angered by the state of the ER, and Karli takes the wind out of Naomi’s sails.

Quinton tries to bring his friend to new insights, while a proposal gives the board something to think about. Tertius keeps silent about his doubts, and Ferdi has an important announcement. Tertius crosses swords with Annelize.     


Monday 9 October 2017                      
Episode 086/2842

Conrad and Annelize’s priorities differ, while medical aids cause a new headache for Binneland Clinic. Naomi and Karli try to clear the air, and Bronwyn decides to confront Elana.

In an unguarded moment Tertius says exactly what he feels, while Conrad and Elana’s ideas on what is in the best interest of the hospital differ. Wimpie needs Ferdi’s assistance, and Robbie threatens Annelize. Pippa’s vote comes at a price.                      

Tuesday 10 October 2017                      
Episode 087/2843

Everyone is waiting in anticipation to hear the outcome of the board meeting concerning the ER – and it influences everyone’s day in different ways. Naomi is caught off guard by Ferdi’s question, and Tertius tries his best to give Karli - and himself! - peace of mind about their future.

Wednesday 11 October 2017                      
Episode 088/2844

Ferdi receives a call about Wimpie’s investments, and Robbie’s presence makes a doctor nervous. Louis is worried about the tension in the family, while the situation with the medical aids are used to teach someone a lesson.

Okkie’s question makes Naomi uncomfortable, while the Abrahams are worried about their standing with At. Promises need to be kept, and an injured Robbie is the last thing that Annelize needs.                    

Thursday 12 October 2017                      
Episode 089/2845

Robbie’s presence in the ER causes more than one person to become nervous, and Conrad defends his choices with politics. Okkie warns Breggie about her gossiping, while Elana is no longer interested in her brother’s plans.

Tertius struggles to keep his emotions in check, and Delia pays Binneland Clinic a visit. Steve starts to doubt his decision, and Wimpie is in dire straits about his future.                        

Friday 13 October 2017                      
Episode 090/2846

At places all his trust in the awakening of a criminal, and Naomi is worried about dinner at Ferdi’s place. Elana gives her brother a parting warning, and Robbie’s setback places Tertius in a difficult situation.

A squabble with Conrad lead Louis to new insights, and Bronwyn’s news makes Quinton even more suspicious.                  


Monday 16 October 2017                      
Episode 091/2847

Jana is not impressed with Tertius when he takes his frustrations out on Karli, and Conrad confronts Annelize about Robbie. Tertius makes a confession to Quinton, while Bronwyn asks Steve to talk to At.

Wimpie wants to move in with Ferdi, while Ferdi asks Okkie for a favor. Conrad is looking to Annelize for comfort when he and his father have a huge falling out, and Karli gives Tertius an ultimatum.

Tuesday 17 October 2017                      
Episode 092/2848

Naomi’s brother contacts her unexpectedly, and Robbie’s wife causes diverse reactions with the doctors of the ER. Conrad thinks At is trying to make a statement with his newest plans, while a deposit causes Karli great concern.

Lexi warns Okkie about Wimpie, and the Ferreiras speculate about Renate’s possible medical problem. Karli’s decision is a hard one, and Naomi is worried about what Ferdi will think about her family.                

Wednesday 18 October 2017                      
Episode 093/2849

Conrad is not just fighting with his dad, and Renate arrives in all her glory at the Ferreira’s. The Tonik trolley leads to a conversation about responsibility between Wimpie and Okkie, while everyone has something to say about a broken heart. Louis’ story about his mother inspires Karli, and Annelize comes to Tertius’ rescue.      

Thursday 19 October 2017                      
Episode 094/2850

At reaches out to Karli, and Renate meets Quinton. Naomi and Tertius receive the shocking news concerning Karli, and Wimpie makes a decision about his job. Naomi wonders about the reasons behind Boeta and Renate’s fight, and Steve is going to have his job cut out for him with his new patient.

There is a ‘Santa Shoebox’ party at the Koster Mansion, while Tertius shares his plans for the future with Pippa. Louis doesn’t shy away from saying what he needs to, while Noami’s heart melts over Ferdi’s contribution to the party.               

Friday 20 October 2017                      
Episode 095/2851

Naomi wonders what Renate’s agenda is with Quinton, and Steve instructs Louis to solve one of his problems. Karli doesn’t wake up in paradise, while Steve feels guilty about the surgery of one of his patients. Ferdi is irritated by Naomi’s praises, and news about investments makes an impression on Wimpie.


Monday 23 October 2017                       
Episode 096/2852

Naomi and Ferdi argue about priorities, while a nest egg gives Wimpie new perspective on his current situation. Questions about Karli directed at Tertius are done with an agenda, and Naomi confronts Renate about her proposed operation. An outburst of anger causes someone to flee.         

Tuesday 24 October 2017                      
Episode 097/2853

A missing Simon disrupts breakfast plans, and Naomi and Ferdi discuss plastic surgery. Karli is very depressed, while Wimpie asks Louis advice on flirting.

Naomi finds out Renate made contact with Louis, and Anton befriends Tertius. Renate shares upsetting news with Naomi, while Karli has a plan to make contact.                     

Wednesday 25 October 2017                      
Episode 098/2854

Wimpie blames Louis for his falling out with Breggie, while a pair of scissors comes in handy in a difficult situation.

Ferdi and Noami argue about Boeta, and Pippa is suspicious of a patient’s behaviour. Ilse is shocked by Naomi’s news, and Tertius’ discovery compels him to send a message to Karli.                 

Thursday 26 October 2017                      
Episode 099/2855

Renate apologizes to Naomi for her behaviour, and Anton’s weirdness is discussed. Karli begins with a new strategy, while Ferdi confronts Wimpie about his agenda.

Sleeping tablets could be the right medicine, and Okkie is curious about Naomi’s behaviour towards her sister-in-law. Conrad is frustrated with Steve, and Teleza is admitted to Binneland. Ferdi realises he will have to take a backseat.       

Friday 27 October 2017                      
Episode 100/2856

Quinton’s remark doesn’t sit well with Ferdi, and Pippa tries to get information from Teleza. A telephonic conversation causes concern for Okkie, and Karli wonders whether her planned worked.

Renate is evasive when she is asked about marital problems, while a passport is discovered in a bag. Ferdi is keeping a close watch on Renate.       


Monday 30 October 2017                       
Episode 101/2857

Conrad tells Pippa not to bother with Teleza, while Tertius has his doubts about a discharge. Karli explains her reasons for her actions, and Pippa gets more suspicious of Teleza and her baby.

Renate gets a stern warning concerning Naomi, while Wimpie thinks he is clinching the deal. Fire doesn’t just mean life on SURVIVOR, and Okkie realises Naomi is not sleeping at home.        

Tuesday 31 October 2017                      
Episode 102/2858

A fire breaks out in the hospital, and Naomi can’t believe her luck. Karli realises too late that she might have dug her own grave, while Breggie is worried that Wimpie might be getting the wrong idea.

Renate makes a nuisance of herself, and Pippa and Conrad think they know who the arsonist might be.                                                          

Coming up on Binnelanders this November 2017:

Wednesday 1 November 2017                      
Episode 103/2859

A series of secrets are revealed, and not everyone is happy with what they hear. A voice makes Karli very emotional, and Breggie is out for revenge after the betrayal.

Renate’s request is denied, while Anton offers to repair the damages. Annelize asks Conrad and Pippa not to get involved with Teleza, and there is a confrontation after a suitcase is discovered.                 
Thursday 2 November 2017                  
Episode 104/2860

Piet informs Conrad about Teleza’s baby, while Naomi tests Okkie with Renate’s story. At returns unexpectedly - and he isn’t impressed with the status quo at Binneland Clinic.

Renate and Ferdi are at loggerheads, and Jana is met with a chilly reception. Anton’s behaviour makes Pippa suspicious, while Teleza is not impressed with Pippa.                           

Friday 3 November 2017                      
Episode 105/2861

Pippa becomes a problem for more than one person, and Renate says goodbye with an accusation. Bronwyn summons Conrad and Steve on At’s behalf, while Okkie is shocked in more than just Naomi’s packed bags.

Ilse is very concerned when it comes to Pippa - and  Conrad thinks the syndicate is to blame. At’s reasons don’t calm Jana down.   

Monday 6 November 2017                      
Episode 106/2862

At has devised a plan to stay in control of Binneland Clinic, and Okkie decides to lay it all out on the table for Ilse. Conrad confronts Teleza about Pippa, while Bronwyn warns Steve about At. Ferdi is not impressed with a house guest, and Karli’s new strategy could potentially save lives.                        

Tuesday 7 November 2017                      
Episode 107/2863

Louis wants to inform Conrad about At’s situation, but Conrad has too many crises to handle. Naomi and Okkie’s conversation could lead to a very big decision, while everyone is worried about Pippa.

At doesn’t want anyone to see how he is struggling, and Anton doesn’t trust the current situation. An injury could cause new problems, while Ferdi and Naomi are at loggerheads about Okkie.    
Wednesday 8 November 2017                      
Episode 108/2864

Conrad contacts Dirk about Pippa, while Ilse reaches out to Okkie. A severe burn wound could lead to a nasty conclusion, and At makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Jana’s help. Naomi realizes that Ilse is struggling with Dian, and Jana is worried about Karli.

Bronwyn realizes what she needs to do, and Naomi’s life changes overnight. Karli will have to give the performance of her life in order to survive, while Louis doesn’t have the guts to share his findings with Jana.                      
Thursday 9 November 2017                  
Episode 109/2865

Conrad asks Piet’s assistance to find Karli, and Noami has a lot of explaining to do. Okkie is unhappy with Ferdi’s way of doing things, while Bronwyn meets At’s needs halfway.

Louis talks to his brother about Jana, and Wimpie scolds his nephew. A nervous Anton has a plan to get medication, while Okkie voices his concern regarding Dian and Ilse.                        

Friday 10 November 2017                      
Episode 110/2866

A squabble with Ilse makes Naomi re-think her position, while Bronwyn wants to show At that he can still be independent. Ferdi thinks Naomi is unsure, and Louis realizes what At’s biggest fear is.

A thief caught in the act doesn’t resolve the problem, while security cameras don’t provide the necessary answers.                      

Monday 13 November 2017                      
Episode 111/2867

A dismissal is going to have a negative effect, while Ilse gives Okkie a stern warning after Naomi’s shock announcement. Jana takes her frustrations out on Tertius, and Noami’s attention is still occupied by other people.

At realizes something is wrong with his wife, while the penny drops for Conrad. Anton has concocted a deadly plan…

Tuesday 14 November 2017                      
Episode 112/2868

The main suspect in Karli’s disappearance is investigated thoroughly, while Ilse asks Louis for help with Dian. Naomi’s plans lead to a fight with Ferdi, and eventually At finds out what exactly is going on.

Conrad is not impressed to see Anton in the hospital, while pent-up frustrations lead to a possible solution for the prisoners.                   
Wednesday 15 November 2017                  
Episode 113/2869

Okkie tries to get his head around the cold hard facts, and At is enraged by Jana. Naomi gets a lesson in how to pack a fridge, while Annelize confronts Conrad about Pippa.

Ferdi is a shrewd observer, while Naomi has more than enough reason to want to host a party. Okkie’s discovery almost gives him a heart attack.

Thursday 16 November 2017                  
Episode 114/2870

Jana and At’s absence angers Conrad, while honesty in the ICU clearly doesn’t mean the same thing for a doctor and nurse. The Oncology Unit is the next target in the cross hairs, and Jana confides in Louis about At.

Pippa wants to escape the city, and it becomes a matter of urgency for Binneland to get an IT guy. Jana is suspicious about a meeting, and Ivanka shares huge news with the Ferreiras.                  

Friday 17 November 2017                      
Episode 115/2871

A ring makes Ferdi feel inadequate, and Quinton asks Louis’s assistance at Ongevalle. Jana tries to put Conrad in his place with a warning, and Ilse and Okkie conspire to keep the truth from Ivanka.

Annelize scrutinizes Louis, while Ferdi is not impressed with what he observes. The Ferreiras meet a fiancé, and Conrad and Annelize are in agreement about Jana.            

Monday 20 November 2017                      
Episode 116/2872

Louis is struggling to make his big decision, while Naomi is unsure how to appease Ferdi. Ivanka realizes what Ilse is thinking, and Conrad and Annelize have a fierce debate about Louis.

Karli tries to give Naomi reassurance, and Louis is left speechless when he finds out who Ivanka is. Graham wants to discuss Christmas Eve plans with Ilse and Okkie, while Ivanka’s number causes a storm for the lovebirds.              

Tuesday 21 November 2017                      
Episode 117/2873

Naomi thinks she knows what to do with Tertius, while Ivanka needs to make a decision about At. Annelize voices her concern about Louis to Conrad, and Jana asks Bronwyn to sort out Ivan Jones.

At’s silence upsets Jana, while Delia and Conrad make a date. Ferdi is worried about Noami, and Louis is still shocked by his discovery.                      

Wednesday 22 November 2017                  
Episode 118/2874

According to Naomi men make pathetic patients, and Jana makes sure that At knows exactly why Ivanka is in Pretoria. Louis tries to befriend Annelize, while Ivanka confides in Ilse about Driesie.

Tertius’s house call is not met with enthusiasm, and a fight between At and Conrad is witnessed accidentally. A huge fight takes place in the Koster Mansion concerning a wedding, and Naomi is accused of not making time for Ferdi.                     

Thursday 23 November 2017                  
Episode 119/2875

Ivanka tries to find out more about At and Conrad’s relationship, and Karli moans about Tertius in Naomi’s ear. Louis’s outburst causes him to be nervous, while Conrad realizes why At summoned Piet.

Conrad tries to get more information on At and Ivanka’s past, and harsh words could cure a depression. Ferdi praises Naomi when she doesn’t accept a call, while Jana is suspicious of At’s behaviour.          

Friday 24 November 2017                      
Episode 120/2876

An accidental meeting is not a comfortable one, and Naomi feels guilty about Karli. Conrad has his suspicion about the reason At is back in the saddle, while Jana hears of Conrad’s plans.

Louis realizes he needs to pay attention to Binneland protocol, and At is ready to put his plan in motion. Naomi’s news upsets Ferdi.         

Monday 27 November 2017                      
Episode 121/2877

A tablecloth leads to an honest conversation, while Conrad receives bad news. Louis and Annelize argue about his work, and Pippa realizes they have a problematic staff shortage.

Louis gets a different impression of Ivanka in Nagskof, while Naomi’s invitation places Ferdi in an uncomfortable situation. Conrad confronts At about the voting process, and Naomi is caught in deep conversation…           

Tuesday 28 November 2017                      
Episode 122/2878

Louis is struggling to say no to work, and Ferdi has an opinion on Naomi’s job. A present makes Jana visibly uncomfortable, while a fib has to cover for the truth. Tertius thinks Louis is not serious about his position, and Conrad tests the waters to gage Steve’s loyalty.

Conrad meets Graham, and a wedding date needs to be amended in a hurry. Conrad and Annelize find the solution to their problem, and jealousy is a beast.      

Wednesday 29 November 2017                  
Episode 123/2879

A wedding date has Annelize thinking on her feet, and Louis is not sure he wants to live out his dream. Tertius wants to clear the air with Ferdi, while a fridge is a sign of commitment. Charné makes a call, and Ruben comes to the rescue in ER. Ferdi confronts Louis with facts.                    

Thursday 30 November 2017                  
Episode 124/2880

Pippa is worried about Dirk, while Ferdi plants an idealistic idea in Naomi’s head. Annelize defends her plan to Conrad, and Ivanka looks to Okkie and Ilse for support.

Naomi is sceptical about Tertius’s intended appointment, while Graham professes his innocence. Jana confronts At about his private investigator, and Ferdi doesn’t have a calming effect on his beloved.             

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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