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Zee World - Saloni Weekly Teasers March 2016

Zee World Weekly Highlights March 2016

Saturday 05 March 2016
'S1/E25 - 1/25'. Neil is in jail and accused of a murder he's confessed to. Kaveri visits Saloni, and searches for the tape. Saloni confronts Shubra about her relationship with Karan. Saloni's anklet is found at the murder scene.

'S1/E26 - 1/26'. Neil takes the wrap for a murder he did not commit and Saloni feels out of place in Goa. Saloni's family are not sure about helping Neil with his murder charges.

'S1/E27 - 1/27'. Gayatri turns to Manorama for help when Saloni's anklet is found at the murder scene. Saloni's honeymoon is cut short when she is arrested for Sumesh's murder. Saloni's arrest causes a rift between the families.

'S1/E28 - 1/28'. There is new information in the Sumesh murder case. The pressure gets too much for Narpat at work with news of Saloni's murder case. Manorama vows to fight for Saloni's innocence.

'S1/E29 - 1/29'. Kaveri is in hot water and looking for ways out. Narpat's bills are piling up and he struggles to make ends meet.

'S1/E30 - 1/30'. Saloni finds out about her family's troubling debts from her wedding expenses. Kaveri finds out that Shubra is pregnant and plans to use it against her. Saloni and Aditi resolve their differences.

Saturday 11 March 2016
'S1/E31 - 1/31'. Samar notices Kaveri's conspiracies and decides not to listen to her advice. Shubra's family find out about her pregnancy. Ambika is ashamed and throws Shubra out of the house.

'S1/E32 - 1/32'. Rewa is back and wants to start a music school with Neil. Ambika wants Shubra to get an abortion. Under Kaveri's influence, the doctor refuses the procedure, claiming this may endanger both Shubra and the baby's life.

'S1/E33 - 1/33'. Ambika finds out about Shubra's pregnancy. Aunt Manorama suggests that Shubra be married to cover up for the pregnancy. Manorama struggles to find a groom for Shubra.

'S1/E34 - 1/34'. Neil saves Shubra from committing suicide. Nahar questions Rewa about her love for Neil. Kaveri tells Nahar the hospital name and room number where Saloni can be found.

'S1/E35 - 1/35'. Saloni has asked Neil to marry Shubra to hide her pregnancy. Neil and Shubra both agree to the marriage. Saloni finds out about Nahar's family's plan to get Neil and Rewa married.

'S1/E36 - 1/36'. Rewa is heartbroken over Neil's wedding. Nahar's family hears of the wedding and is upset with Saloni for thinking of her own family's happiness first and not theirs. Nahar confronts Neil about the wedding.

Saturday 11 March 2016
'S1/E37 - 1/37'. Nahar's anger towards Saloni rises and he refuses to speak to her. Kaveri conspires to ruin Shubra and Neil's wedding. The priest finds out about Shubra's pregnancy.

'S1/E38 - 1/38'. Neil decides not to conform to society's laws and go ahead with the wedding. Narpat disowns their relationship with Saloni's in laws, forcing Saloni to also do the same.

'S1/E39 - 1/39'. Nahar stands up against Brijesh's decision to cut ties with Saloni's family. Ambika gets a heart attack.

'S1/E40 - 1/40'. Kaveri gives Narpat's family a condition on which she will stay in the house. Saloni chooses to break ties with her family and only visit when Kaveri calls her.

'S1/E41 - 1/41'. Ambika gets very sick after hearing about Kaveri's ultimatum to Saloni. Kuki Kaki, who randomly shows up at Nahar's house, insults Saloni about her complexion.

'S1/E42 - 1/42'. Kuki Kaki insults Saloni and refuses to be around her. Nahar is furious when he sees Kuki Kaki refusing food that Saloni made. Kuki Kaki is planning to throw Saloni out of the house.

Also read

  • Rajshree Thakur as Saloni Nahar Singh
  • Sharad Kelkar as Nahar Singh / Swami Amritanand
  • Raqesh Vashisth as Neel / Nirav (Saloni's Childhood Friend)
  • Mohan Bhandari as Narpat Singh (Saloni'Father)
  • Pratichi Mishra as Ambika Narpat Singh (Saloni' Mother)
  • Neena Gupta as Manno Bhabhi (Saloni's Aunty)
  • Surekha Sikri as Bhabho / Bhanvari (Nahar & Brijesh's Mother)
  • Akshay Anand as Brijesh Pratap Singh (Nahar's Elder Brother)
  • Rachana Parulkar as Savri (Nahar & Saloni's biological daughter)
  • Ulka Gupta as Child Savri
  • Amrapali Dubey as Shweta Singh (Nahar & Saloni's Adopted Daughter)
  • Hiba Nawab as Child Shweta Singh
  • Ashlesha Sawant as Tara Brijesh Pratap Singh (Nahar's Sister In Law)
  • Aditi Pratap as Aditi Baisa Singh (Nahar & Brijesh's Sister)
  • Ashish Kapoor as Dheer Kunwarsa (Nahar's Brother In Law & Aditi's Husband)
  • Gaurav Vaish as Ishaan (Dheer's & Aditi's Son)
  • Amrita Prakash / Niyati Joshi as Pia Singh (Nahar & Brijesh's Younger Sister)
  • Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar as Chandni Nahar Singh / Devika
  • Sachin Sharma as Dev
  • Poonam Gulati as Shubhra Kunjan Pratap Singh (Saloni's Younger Sister)
  • Chetanya Adib as Kunjan Pratap Singh (Saloni's Brother In Law)
  • Meenakshi as Padma Thakurain
  • Tej Sapru as Gaj Pratap Singh
  • Anand Suryavanshi / Mazher Sayed as Samar Singh (Saloni's Younger Brother)
  • Aanchal Dwiwedi as Kaveri Samar Singh (Saloni's Sister In Law)
  • Apara Mehta as Kuki Kaki (Nahar's Aunt)
  • Sadiya Siddiqui as Gayatri Bua (Saloni's Aunty)
  • Sachin Khurana as Dhananjay
  • Natasha Singh as Juhi
  • Shaleen Bhanot as Karan
  • Nivedita Bhattacharya as Urvashi Brijesh Singh
  • Farida Dadi as Maa Sa
  • Akshay Sethi as Yug
  • Jasveer Kaur as Katari
  • Aastha Chaudhary as Urmila Singh
  • Narendra Gupta as Aapji
  • Sharmilee Raj as Chamki
  • Shweta Kawatra / Barkha Madan as Rewa Singh (Nahar's Step Sister)
  • Shahbaz Khan as Padam Singh
  • Amit Dolawat as Shridhar
  • Sachin Shroff as Abhi
  • Sonika Sahay as Ginni
  • Gunjan Walia as Vrinda
  • Poonam Joshi as Dr. Nishi
  • Mahru Sheikh as Shanti
  • Rajeev Verma as Brigadier
  • Parikshit Sahni as Veer Pratap Singh (Nahar & Brijesh's Uncle)
  • Pracheen Chauhan as Kshitij Singh (Nahar's Cousin)
  • Amita Nangia as Shyama (Kalika's Mother)
  • Aashka Goradia as Advocate Kalika Kshitij Singh (Saloni's Step Sister)
  • Pratima Kazmi as Lali Maasi
  • Zahida Parveen as Savitri
  • Mihir Mishra as Varun
  • Aditya Redij as Aditya
  • Shalini Kapoor as Madhu
  • Ali Merchant as Rajveer
  • Vishal Watwani as Rohit
  • Amit Sareen as Advocate Pratap Chauhan 

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